Many homeowners are choosing glass shower doors Chicago because they provide sophistication to a bathroom. Glass doors can also make a small bathroom appear larger by eliminating divisions. Many homeowners are still choosing other types of shower doors, but many of these myths are false.

The Honest Truth Surrounding Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors are aesthetically appealing, but many people avoid them because of the common myths surrounding their use. However, most people don’t investigate the origins of these myths thoroughly enough to discover their falseness. To learn more about glass door options, continue reading below.

Myth #1 – Shower glass doors “explode” when you are taking a shower: There have been many news stories about shower doors “exploding” in the middle of someone’s shower or that potentially one is in danger during a hot shower. All glass products, especially tempered glass, come with a low percentage of a possibility that this could occur. Most shower glass doors are made from tempered glass; this means that if the door does break at some point it will break into minuscule pieces so you don’t have to worry about injury.

Myth #2 – Shower doors are “low maintenance” thanks to protective glass coating on them: Shower doors are “low maintenance” because the protective glass coating makes them easier to clean. But even though they have a protective coating, it’s important to wipe down your shower doors periodically to make sure they last as long as possible.

Myth #3 – Heavy glass frameless doors tend to leak water: If you have heavy glass frameless shower doors, there is a possibility that water may leak. It is important to ensure that your shower head is in the proper position and not aimed towards your shower enclosure seam.

Myth #4 – You cannot install heavy glass enclosures on acrylic or fiberglass: Installing heavy glass doors on acrylic or fiberglass shower units is not recommended, but there are specific doors that have been designed to work with these unit types. A bit of investigation will show you which ones are appropriate for your bathroom.

Myth #5 – Showerhead position does not make an impact: Showerhead position does not make an impact: This is not true. To achieve maximum waterproofing, it’s important to position your showerhead correctly. For example, you want the inner door of your rolling or sliding shower doors to be placed on the same wall as your showerhead. If you have a panel door or swinging doors in your shower, you’ll want to put the hinges on the opposite wall.

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