Are you trying to come up with some out-of-the-box ideas on how to revamp your home design? Here are a few unique design ideas that you probably haven’t thought of yet.

Create Atmospheric Lighting

Lighting is one of the most overlooked design elements of the home. Most people only think of lighting as serving a practical purpose, but it can actually be one of the most aesthetically interesting parts of any room. Try playing around with different sorts of lamps, like Himalayan salt lamps, or use colored shades to cast a room in a colorful glow. You can also use strip lights and string lights to create interesting effects.

Remember, good lighting is not only about the light—it’s also about shadow play. Place lights in corners or at weird angles to create atmospheric effects that transform the room at nighttime.

Utilize Wall Shelves

Both the advantage and disadvantage of apartment living is that you have less space for storage and decorations. But you can always use your walls for storage if you need to. Check out these rope shelves that you can hang on your walls. The rope-and-wood design makes this sort of wall shelf far more interesting than standard wall shelves. It’s a great way to display photos, decorative plants, or home décor items, or just to store some extra belongings that you don’t have storage space for.

These rope shelves will also look great in houses, especially homes that feature a rustic or industrial style. You can hang them in your kitchen to hold spices, or you can hang them in your living room to hold books and framed photos.

Decorate via a Single Décor Style

Amazon has made it easier than ever to buy decent furniture on a tight budget. The main problem, though, is that it’s caused lots of people to haphazardly assemble furniture pieces that may have a unified color, but don’t go together stylistically. The best way to decorate your living space in the 2020s is to go the traditional, pre-internet route: incorporate furniture pieces of a single décor style.

Check out these Lexington Furniture pieces if you need inspiration. You don’t need to go totally traditional with your living space but having furniture of the same aesthetic will give your home a more lively and memorable personality, whether you’re using traditional or modernistic décor.

You can take the same approach when it comes to the theme: for example, you can infuse your home with a nautical theme, using sailing memorabilia, or a tropical theme, with house plants.

Create an Elegant Home Bar

The most fun part about visiting a fancy bar is seeing how the venue displays its alcohol and glasses. Why not bring the style of a luxurious bar into your own home? Deck out your home bar with a display that will dazzle anyone you invite over for drinks.

Use strip lights to illuminate the bar area and cast a cool glow on your liquor bottles. Arrange your bottles by height, and be sure to use a wine rack to elegantly hold your wine bottles and wine glasses.

Have an Elegant Aquarium

Do you want a low-maintenance pet? Why not get a fish tank? If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money, you can buy a fish tank that’s not only practical, but decorative. Check out these luxury fish tanks online. They’re aesthetically dazzling because they feature glass and water and exude a cool blue glow in your home—very pretty in the evening.

Furthermore, you’re able to decorate a fish tank to your liking by incorporating all sorts of tank decorations inside for your fish to swim through. A luxury fish tank can be a fun and very unique way to spruce up your home.

ds2 New Design Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Change the Way You Sit

Most homes incorporate your standard armchairs, sofas, and dining room chairs. Why not change it up a little bit and add seating that’s more fun? Here are a few cool seating ideas for you:

  • Bean bag chairs
  • Hanging chairs
  • Hammocks
  • Chaise lounge

Beach-Themed Fire Pit

Looking to create a unique backyard space? Rethink the way you design your backyard fire pit. Dig out a square portion of your yard, line it with wood, and then fill it with sand. Now you’ll have a beach fire pit in your own backyard! Complete the aesthetic with some potted plants and torches.

Utilize some of these ideas to give your home a totally new level of elegance, fun, and space-efficiency.