Having a baby is a joyous occasion. If this is your first child, then you probably want to get them the best of everything and design the perfect nursery for them. You should know that babies grow up fast and their needs change quickly. This is why you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorating the nursery as you will have to redecorate it in a few years anyway. That being said, you can create a beautiful nursery for your baby without going over budget. So keep reading for nursery decorating tips from the experts.

Choose a Theme

If you are overwhelmed with the many options out there then picking a theme for the nursery will help you narrow down your choices. Having a theme makes it much easier for you as the colors are set and you will know what style of furniture to get for your little one’s nursery. There are many themes that you can choose from like animals, cartoons, and vintage, just to name a few. You should choose something that you like and want to pass on to your baby. If you like more than one theme, you can combine the two of them together.

Choose a Crib

You can’t imagine a baby’s nursery without a crib. But, you shouldn’t spend too much money on it though, because as we mentioned before babies grow up fast, and before you know it they will be using a regular bed. Fortunately, you will find many well-designed cribs at affordable prices. You will also find cribs that can be transformed into a regular bed for a toddler which will definitely save you some money. Opt for cribs with fun colors that will add to the room’s decor.

Crib Mobiles

Crib mobiles add character to the room. They also have so many benefits like developing your little one’s vision, language skills, help them coordinate their arms’ movements, relax and fall asleep easily. In order for your baby to reap all of these benefits, you should look into the features of different crib mobiles first before buying one. You will find various models with many features like nature sounds, music, lights, toys, and many more. Before you make a choice, you should go online and do some research to find the best crib mobile for your baby. You can also ask friends and family to recommend a model that their little ones enjoyed.

The Bedding

Normally, you want to buy bedding with cute drawings and fun cartoons for your little one but you should make sure first that it is soft for them so it will feel gentle on their skin. You will find many options to choose from so make sure to opt for ones that match your room’s theme and design. As a new mom, you won’t have enough time to do laundry every day so you should buy at least five sets of bedding.

The Storage

Your baby’s new stuff will take more storage than you think. Stuff like blankets, beddings, baby bibs, clothes, burp cloths, stuffed animals, toys, linens, diapers and so much more. This is why you should create enough space for all your newborn’s needs. If you don’t want to splurge on storage or closet, you can design built-in storage to store all of this stuff. Built-in storage can also be attractive decor and won’t take much space in the room.


Wallpapers can be a great addition to the nursery’s decor and can alter the room’s overall look. And an added bonus is that they aren’t expensive and they come in different cute colors and designs that will be perfect for a nursery. You should opt for removable wallpaper so it will be easy to redecorate the room when your baby is a little older and wants something different and appropriate for their age.

Add a Chair

You should add a chair to the nursery for your comfort. You will need a place to sit while breastfeeding your baby or watching them sleep. You should opt for one which matches the colors and designs of your nursery. However, if you don’t want to buy a new chair, you can borrow one from your living room or bedroom. You will only use this chair for a small period of time so if you don’t have the budget for it and have extra chairs then it isn’t necessary to buy a new one.

n2 Nursery Decorating Tips From the Experts

There are so many things that you can do to decorate your newborn’s nursery. Just make sure that everything matches and the colors are coordinated. Even regular pieces of furniture like storage or crib can add so much to the room’s decor if you choose the right design and color. It isn’t necessary to spend so much money on decorating the room so try to find good deals and avoid expensive items.


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