The productivity of employees plays a crucial role for the growth of any organization. Therefore, it is important to have employees who are focused and motivated to perform well on the job.

Apart from the technical skills and easy accessibility of the required data, another thing that can improve employee productivity is the work environment. This environment that we are talking about here does not just mean like-minded individuals or a remarkable culture.

We also mean the interiors and the office desk accessories kept in front of them. It is vital for you to ensure that the surroundings of your employees are not distracting them in any sense.

However, it also does not mean that you make them sit and work in a dull environment. You want the interiors and the decor to be of the right balance of subtleness and quirk.

To help you, we have curated a list of all the decor that you can consider putting on the employee desks to boost the productivity of your employees.

  • Daily/Weekly planner

We often have a variety of tasks to finish in a day and multiple goals to achieve by the end of every week. It is simply impossible for the human brain to store the entire list of tasks that are supposed to be completed daily or weekly.

It is best to simply note down everything that you have to do. It will ensure that the days of your employees are well-planned and that they don’t miss a deadline.

There are daily and weekly planners that you can keep at their desks. Employees can simply mark the tasks done when they finish them. It will also help improve their time management skills, besides boosting productivity.

  • Desk organizer

No one likes chaos. Chaos implies a confused mindset.

When you have pens, staplers, sticky notes, markers, clips, and other office stationery just lying around, you are bound to be mischievous and play around with them. This not only wastes a lot of employee time but also slows down the progress of your organization.

With an organizer caddy or a desk organizer, your employees can simply keep everything in one place on their desk. This will keep their tables neat and help them focus on work.

  • Productivity planner

While your daily planners are more task-oriented, productivity planners are goal-oriented. Such planners are perfect to introspect and find your own areas of improvement.

There are several productivity planners available in the market today. They allow you to jot down the to-do tasks that you have in your mind. These tasks could be your daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual goals that you would like to achieve.

Using such planners, you can review your performance at the end of every week and keep working on making yourself better. It is surely an accessory that will help improve employee performance.

  • Small whiteboard calendar

We all need a calendar. They are useful to mark important meetings, to note down colleague’s birthdays, and other crucial pieces of information that we simply cannot afford to forget.

There are now whiteboard calendars available in the market. The size of these calendars is perfect to keep on the desk. Employees can easily mark the important dates, erase them every new month, and simply reuse the product.

It is perhaps a lot more convenient than regular calendars. Moreover, you’ll be saving plenty of paper this way.

  • LED desk lamp

Proper lights are crucial. When you work in front of the laptop the entire day and your lights around you are dimmer than that of your screen, you’ll put a strain on your eyes.

This can cause headaches, hamper employee eyesight, and could cause other medical issues. You don’t want your employees to go through any medical emergencies because of your organization.

Thus, consider putting an LED desk lamp for your employees. This will help them work under proper light and make sure they are always comfortable.


Right office desk accessories can change the way we work. It can help improve productivity and keep our focus as well as motivation going. Make sure you are offering your employees some of the above listed accessories to help them stay organized and also allow them to plan ahead.