Paint sprayers are more common among people nowadays. People use these sprayers for their different painting needs.

Whether the sprayer is for indoor paint job or outdoor paint job, a lot of sprayers are available for both purposes. Also, you can get them at the reasonable prices.

A number of companies manufacture and sell their paint sprayers in the market today. If you want to paint a large surface area, then you can go for paint sprayers. This is because the sprayers are better than the brushes and spray the paint evenly.

They are also the great option because the sprayers help you done your paint job quickly and easily. If you use them correctly, then you will get the great help from them. The thing you need to concentrate is you have to buy the suitable paint sprayer for the related job.

Paint-sprayers-and-choosing-the-right-paint-sprayer-0 Paint sprayers and choosing the right paint sprayer

The paint sprayers are one of the best inventions of the time. Those who previously used a paint sprayer for a job know how great a paint sprayer is. You don’t need to strain to cover all the parts of your house or the surface you need to paint. You can easily make the job and spray your paint with little effort involved with the help of paint sprayers.

Why people use paint sprayers?

There are several reasons for using a paint sprayer. Each and every one has their own reasons for using the paint sprayers. However, in general, there are several reasons for using a paint sprayer. Some of them are

Ease of use

The first reason for using a paint sprayer is the ease of use. Apart from the rollers and brushes paint sprayers are very easy to use.

Paint-sprayers-and-choosing-the-right-paint-sprayer-2 Paint sprayers and choosing the right paint sprayer

One just needs to hold the spray gun and spray the paint easily on the surface. For painting jobs that involves small areas like a wooden surface or painting furniture the sprayers are the great option. This is because they easily cover the small areas

Different paining materials

Paint-sprayers-and-choosing-the-right-paint-sprayer-1 Paint sprayers and choosing the right paint sprayer

With a paint sprayer, you can use different painting materials like oil paints, thicker paints and latex paints. These types of materials are not suitable for other type of equipments used for painting like the roller or a painting brush. Thus, if you want to go with an oil paint you can choose a paint sprayer.

Suits best for tiny stuffs

Paint sprayers are best for painting the tiny stuffs in your home. For example, if you need to paint a cupboard or shelf or a small surface in your home you don’t use rollers. Paint sprayers are the great and ideal option for this. The reason is you can cover the surface easily with the sprayers

Different patterns

With the help of a paint sprayer, a painter can achieve different patterns in painting. This is because sprayers offer different patterns of painting whereas rollers or painting brushes can’t. With the easy handle, one can attain the pattern on the surface easily

Extra texture

As the paint sprayers come with a tip, it helps to get the extra texture look on the surface.

Long lasting

Paint-sprayers-and-choosing-the-right-paint-sprayer-3 Paint sprayers and choosing the right paint sprayer

The painting done with a sprayer lasts for a long time when comparing to the ones done with a brush or a roller. While using paint sprayers, extra coat is given in order to achieve the perfect finish. Therefore, the paint lasts for a long time.

Perfect for rough surfaces

If you want to paint a rough surface like a fully designed wall or carved furniture then the paint sprayer is the right option for you. You can’t able to use a roller on such a surface. Similarly, if you go for a brush you can’t get the perfect finish

No experience is needed

And, the most important one is you don’t need any experience to use a paint sprayer. Whereas all the other equipments need at least some experience to use. Also, most of the spraying guns today are available with user guides and manuals. This makes the painter even easier to use the sprayer

How a paint sprayer works?

The paint sprayer comes with a container, a sprayer tip and a compressor. One has to fill the paint into the container before painting.

Then, the air is forced into the sprayer to spray out the paint. Once the air is forced in, the paint in the container comes out of the sprayer in a fine stream. This will create even marks on the surface when the paint is applied to a surface in even movements and allows the paint to be applied with virtually no marks in it.

Paint-sprayers-and-choosing-the-right-paint-sprayer-4 Paint sprayers and choosing the right paint sprayer

If you use a roller for your painting, you will notice that some of the areas are covered with more paint and some other areas with less paint. There is uneven finish on the surface sometimes.

If you look at an area where there has been paint applied using a brush, you can usually see lines through it, from the bristles. This is normal and usually unavoidable to some level. With a sprayer, there is no device touching the wall and therefore there are not lines from the application process.

Hence it is better to use paint sprayers for the painting job especially during the large painting tasks. When you start to do a large paint job with a cordless paint sprayer you will immediately see how effective it is. The fact that is, the paint sprayers will enable you to move around anywhere with the sprayer without any restrictions.

You also get a very good finish when using one of these sprayers as the motors inside them ensure that a consistent flow of paint comes out of the nozzle so it is much less likely to drip or give you an uneven covering on the surface that you are painting.

This is the reason why most of professional painters prefer paint sprayers for their painting jobs. The paint sprayers are available in different styles and types nowadays. Almost all of the paint sprayers available today are easy to handle and lightweight. Therefore, whether it is for indoor painting or outdoor painting paint sprayers will definitely a good option.

How to choose the best paint sprayer?

The important thing is you need to choose the best paint sprayer for the painting job.

Size of the job

One of the first decisions that you need to make when choosing a paint sprayer has to do with the size job that you are going to be doing. For example, if you are going to do a painting job that is small for example, paint in your room or around your house you can go for airless paint sprayers. On the other hand, if your painting job is larger you need to choose the one with a dedicated one. For example, you can go for a compressor for such painting jobs.

Tip shape

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the different tips shapes and sizes that are available. Some of the paint sprayer suit well for painting small items like cupboards, shelves, tables etc. You need to get the larger tip for such painting needs that involve larger large painting areas. For instance to say, if you are going to paint a wall then for this job, you will need a sprayer with a big tip.


Obviously, you need to consider the price of the sprayer while buying it because price is also an important factor to consider. You need to check whether the sprayer is worth for the amount that you spent or not.

Need a little work

In order to choose the right paint sprayer for you painting job you need to do a little searching work on the internet. Searching on the internet and checking various reviews will help you get the right one.

Some tips for using a paint sprayer

Follow these tips while using a paint sprayer for the painting job

  • You only need to use the suggested paint for the paint sprayer. Check the user manual or the guide provided along with the sprayer and check out the material.
  • Also, you need to check the warranty and directions of use.
  • The reason is some of the painting materials are too heavy for some sprayers, which will cause them to clog easily.
  • Once you are ready to use the sprayer, first check out the sprayer by spraying it on a surface first.
  • You will likely need to get a hang of using the device. The best applications are those that are done in a fluid motion. Get in the hang of the speed and the motion of applying it.
  • Another important one to follow is cleaning the paint sprayer. You need to clean the paint sprayer after each spray job correctly without any fail. Check out the directions for cleaning the sprayer and clean it according to the instructions.
  • Through the instructions you know how to disassemble the device to clean it properly. Leaving even a small amount of paint in these devices can render them useless.
  • If you decide to purchase your own, be sure you consider several makes and models to find the one that is an ideal choice for your projects.

If you follow all these tips while using your paint sprayer you will maintain and use your sprayer for a long period of time.

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