If you have a large area to paint, such as an entire interior wall, a paint sprayer can apply different coats of paint in equal thickness, ensuring a smooth seamless finish. However, it can be difficult to know the best way to prepare your walls to be painted or even the correct paint to buy for your paint sprayer. You want the interior walls of your home to look sleek and sophisticated. Keep reading to learn just how to paint your interior walls with a paint sprayer and get the look of it having been done by a professional service.


  1. Get Your Preparation Under Way

You want to begin preparing the room to be painted by removing the art on the walls and pushing large pieces of furniture away from the edges of the room. Basically, you do not want to leave items not to be painted where they can come into contact with the paint. You may want to invest in some canvas or plastic sheeting. This can catch any paint that might spill. Wait to tape off electrical fixtures or windowsills and the like.

  1. Clean the Walls to Get Them Ready For Painting

Any person who has painted wall will tell you that you want to start with a clean surface, free of dust and particles that are carried by the air. You also want to remove any dark marks from the walls. Not only can they show through even many layers of a lighter shade but the ink that they are created from can bleed into the paint and cause it to discolor. For light dirt, a damp sponge with some dish soap will do. For more stubborn stains, you might want to use a stronger chemical cleaner or one that has been specifically designed to clean walls.

Once your walls are thoroughly cleaned, you can start to tape off your trim and electrical outlets. Tape off everything that you do not want to be painted. Using tape will ensure that you have crisp lines when it is revealed.

  1. Which Paint/Nozzle Should You Use?

Many paint sprayers that are suitable for residential homes can use any type of paint. However, ones that are specifically created to be applied with a sprayer often give a smoother, more polished look to a room. If you are using paint from two different containers, be sure to ix the paint before adding it to the sprayer. This will result in color consistency and uniformity of texture. When you are deciding on the right nozzle for the job, follow the manufacturer’s guide for selecting the one with the right diameter of opening.

  1. Start Spraying in a Top-Down Fashion

Once your walls are cleaned properly and free of impediment and you have the correct paint and nozzle, it is now time to start coloring them in. Insert your paint directly into the paint sprayer, according to instructions provided with the model. Begin by spraying the paint on a foot-wide ring around the top of your room. Continue with concentric circles all the way down, overlapping the coats of the paint by about three inches each time. Be sure to overlap the same distance all around, as this helps with the evenness of the different coats.

  1. Apply a Second coat

No matter how ‘opaque’ your paint is advertised as being, it is always recommended to apply at least two coats of it. Go back over the base coat with your paint sprayer, paying extra attention to corners and areas where the paint looks sparse. A second coat will not only fill in bare spots, but it will make the paint look more even and smoother.

  1. Go Over Your Work With a Keen Eye and a Brush

You will want to inspect your work with a critical look. For good interior walls, to be just ‘good enough’ is not what they should be. Strive to fill in spots that need more paint and pay special attention to the areas around the trim.

Removing the painter’s tape when you have just finished painting a room is an exciting, heart-pounding experience. Seeing the crisp lines and carefully delineated color boundaries is exhilarating. When you use a paint sprayer to apply the shade of your choice to your interior walls, you are ensured a professional, sophisticated finished product.

They are designed to spread paint evenly on a surface, are easy to use and can be rented at a lot of home improvement stores. By following instructions and preparing your walls and paint well, you are sure to have interior walls that you can be proud of. Find more wall painting tips here.