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First things first: while you can create a greenhouse in Antarctica that will essentially facilitate an interior jungle, pulling something like that off is going to be extremely expensive. You would need to have a heating system requisite to the exceptional cold. You would need to get lighting right, and you’d have to keep the area properly moist.

Infrastructural realities of sparse settlements in Antarctica which are primarily scientific have made such undertakings untenable, but they are possible. If Reptile Gardens of Rapid City, South Dakota, can be maintained year-round despite their frozen winters, the same sort of tech can be used elsewhere. It’s going to be harder in some places than others, though.

If you’re in a small apartment, you likely don’t have a lot of maneuverability in areas like this. However, you might be able to do more than you realize. Windows can disseminate sunlight in ways that are conducive to plant growth, and you can take careful control overwatering your plants; or using nutrient packages to sustain them.

That said, some plants simply do better in summer than others. Following we’ll briefly explore a few different options you might consider for your small apartment this summer. In Texas, things get hot, things get humid, and small apartments don’t always have climate controls; so those parameters are going to be considered as we explore options here.

The Blue Daze Flower

Blue Daze is a flower that blooms best in soil that drains and prefers to have sun on it at all times. If you’re in a warm apartment, you might hang a little planter of these out the window. When you water them, they will drain outside your window through the drainage holes in the bottom of the planter. The plants will get plenty of sun and bloom blue through the summer.

1-1 Perfect Summer Plants For Small Apartments

Persian Shield

Persian Shield is something else. It’s a plant with long, wide, dark green leaves that have vibrant violet centers, and like the Blue Daze, the Persian Shield prefers high sun environments and soil that drains with relative rapidity. They don’t like to be “swamped”. A lot of gardens incorporate them into corners, or between plant groupings.

For example, if you had an outdoor garden, you might put Persian Shield between the carrots and the onions, or between the lettuce and the rhubarb; whatever suits you. In small apartments, you can put it in corners of the apartment, limning windows, or wherever else you feel is appropriate.

Sweet Potato Vine

This is a vine that grows fast and flourishes in dry soil. It also has a level of purple to it which can be quite beautiful. Especially for small apartments, there’s a lot you can do with Sweet Potato Vine. For example, as it gets growing, you might anchor it to the corners of a given room, letting it stretch up the wall.

Imagine an apartment with vines in every corner. That can make a small place seem not just large, but exotic. If it’s going to be hot and cramped anyway, it might as well seem like a jungle. There’s always a silver lining!

If you’re in a position to choose a small apartment, and you’ve got certain freedom in your budget, it’s possible to choose an apartment specifically for such aesthetics. If you’re looking for some collateral methods to determine if a certain rental situation is best for you, it could be worth your while to explore UMoveFree as an apartment finder expert.

Real estate providers and online listings will have their ways of presenting varying units. Experts in moving furniture will have greater intimacy with certain rental communities, and though they might not know where you can find an apartment perfect for indoor plants, at the same time, they might have some pointers for you that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Pocket Jungle: Philodendron

Philodendron can be grown in a little four-inch pot, and it will produce large wavy leaves like something you’d see in a jungle. This is a great little plant for apartments. Philodendrons don’t like to be over-watered. Wait until the soil looks a bit dry. Also, don’t keep it in direct sunlight. Put it in areas where there’s partial light.

2-1 Perfect Summer Plants For Small Apartments

The Meyer Lemon Tree

This tree is small and aromatic. It does very well with a lot of sun. As a bonus, you can get a little fruit from these things. They are sourer than oranges and sweeter than lemons. You only have to water the tree weekly. Imagine being able to reap a harvest inside your little apartment. Beyond that, imagine it always smelling fresh citrus when you come home. You can also order them directly online.

3 Perfect Summer Plants For Small Apartments

Finding The Best Plants For Little Apartments

Meyer Lemon Trees, Philodendrons, Sweet Potato Vine, Persian Shield, and Blue Daze Flower are just a few of many different indoor plants that might make your apartment seem not only more comfortable but even exotic. Here’s a list of 13 indoor plants you may want to look at, including that Meyer Lemon Tree.

Especially in states like Texas, where heat gets so extreme, it seems unreal, it can be worthwhile to lean into plants that flourish in small environments where there may be a lot of sun. While a tiny home may not be ideal, it can have a fine organic feel if you put your personal touch to it.

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