Plaid sits for the core of high fashion and Target’s marketing campaigns, often associated with heritage movements and grunge revival.

It will probably remind some of you of punk, preppy, and hipster style, but if you only took a look with no prejudice in mind, you’d find yourself standing in front of a timeless pattern that is just marvelous to combine.

The truth is that plaid’s good looks never go out of style, and plaid home décor is no exception to this statement. Modern homes are just unimaginable without plaid elements.

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone2 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Scot Meacham Wood Design

As classic as it is, plaid adds harmony and elegance to every home. Besides, decorating with plaid is playful and exiting, and there is no reason to leave it aside. Let us suggest few tips on how to decorate with plaid:

Dimension infusions

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone1 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Hudson Interior Design

As hard as we all try to decorate our homes perfectly, it sometimes happens that they lack dimension. Plaid patterns are an effective and affordable solution to infuse dimension, as long as you know how to combine colors and scales seamlessly.

You can either apply them on your drapery, bed throws, rugs, pillows, or even on the walls. It all depends on how creative you are, and which impact you’re trying to achieve.

Plaid wallpapers

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone10 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Burnham Design

Plaid wallpapers are the answer for vivid and playful rooms. They look absolutely cute when applied against rustic furniture, which makes them the perfect choice for a unique kitchen.

However, you need to be very careful how you’re applying them, because too large one can feel overpowering, and they can ‘kill’ the overall pleasant ambiance in your room.

The thing you can do to prevent this is to divide walls with dado rails, and apply plaid patterns on only one of the sides. The other one should ideally stay neutral, so that the eye could rest from the colorful pattern.

Plaid is somehow a paradox: it is very dynamic, but sophisticated at the same time. Large, plaid surfaces with strong colors (red and black, for instance) look powerful and dramatic, and they are therefore excellent backgrounds for modern furniture solutions. Imagine how cool such room would be, maybe with few black chairs and a beautifully harmonized large mirror!

Plaid entryways

It’s time to give your muddy mudroom a purpose: why not experimenting with plaid to see whether it is a good solution for your home? You can go slowly with a simple plaid cover for the bench, plaid pillows, or even a plaid room.

This small and supposedly seamless detail will make your entryway the coziest corner you have at home.

Plaid upholstery

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone3 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Rill Architects

Plaid upholstery is a very attractive idea for chairs and sofas. It is a compulsory trick in French country design, were sofas are upholstered with blue-white schemes and gingham patterns.

In order to obtain these looks, you can also add few soft cushions or a lacy coverlet.

If your idea is to stay out of traditional schemes, you can try unusual combinations such as orange and black. These solutions are simply shortcuts to eye-attractivenes, and they make the perfect focal elements for your rooms.

Plaid-neutral combinations

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone4 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Tucker & Marks

Once you’ve brought a strong pattern inside, you have to keep the rest of your décor neutral. That means that you’re allowed to use whites, creams, beiges, or deeper tones such as browns and blacks.

An interesting idea would be to use plaid around wooden furniture, metal accessories (black-and-red buffalo plaids in particular), woven beige drapes, wooden or black-carpeted floors.

If your choice is a blue-and-white plaid, have in mind that it goes best with cottage décor themes, sea grass matting, glass surfaces, golden and cooper tones. The good thing about neutrals is that you can apply as many of them as you want: with the right choice of texture, this sea of serenity will never look boring.

Plaid for every style

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone6 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Locati Architects

That’s why we said plaid is a classic choice. However, it is one of the rare classic choices that actually pushed their way into modern homes, and have their own contemporary flair that can be elaborated upon.

Scaled, bold, strong, and unconventional, plaid layers are one of the most stylish solutions to apply nowadays. Besides, it is almost impossible to do a drastic mistake when using them.

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone12 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Arlington Construction Management

The main difference between traditional and modern plaids is the number of colors they are using: while outdated solutions would probably pick a handful of shades and tones, contemporary homes would stick to oversized panels with nothing but two colors. Long story short, plaid is just as glamorous as it was in the past.

Different patterns are allowed

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone5 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Country Club Homes

If you want to use different patterns, we recommend you to do it on the same type of fabric. There is nothing wrong in displaying drapes and bedding made of the same material-that will only show that you care and you have a good taste.

A different type of monochromatic

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone7 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Globus Builder

Plaids consisting of two or three colors provide enough ‘working material’ to arrange the entire room. All it takes is to stay close to these hues, and you will get a tightly and interestingly integrated scheme.

For example, if your choice was a coral/caramel/ivory plaid, you can expand the usage of these colors on chairs (caramel sides), wallpapers (creamy or coral ones), sand colored carpets, creamy windowpanes or ceramic lamps. Even if you’re still using other colors, try to stick to these ones as much as possible.

Plaid with everything

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone8 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Carter Inc

Yes, this is what makes plaid so special-you can apply it everywhere! It looks good with plain surfaces, stripes, dots, or even floral interiors. Obviously, you should do mixing with care, trying to avoid a chaotic environment (but if you manage to contrast patterns in a reasonable way, you’ve got yourself a perfectly looking home!).

Plaid furniture can refresh and frazzle mix-patterned décor, assuming that patterns are added smoothly, and that too vibrant tones are restricted.

An interesting choice for ivory walls and wooden interiors is the five-color tartan plaid that includes yellow, black, deep royal blue, ivory, and burgundy, where you can also add ivory jacquard pillows or yellow satin stripes for the sides of your chairs.

The same as in the case of monochromatic schemes, scale colors properly, and make your interior style distinctive, rather than mismatched and overpowering.

Take it easy

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone9 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Slifer Designs

Who said you need a bold, daring pattern? Neutral plaids are actually very nice, and they will match every style or décor.

Burberry plaids

Plaid-Home-Decor-For-Everyone11 Plaid Home Decor For EveryoneImage source: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Burberry plaids are compulsory in a fashionable home. While they are not most suitable for your walls, they’d still look perfectly on all sorts of fabric. Trust us, showcasing trends like this is the easiest way to make your home look luxurious and classy!

Plaid outside

Why wouldn’t you make the unique decision of taking your amazing, lively plaid outdoors? This is not a very common solution, especially for contemporary architecture/furniture, which is why we are sure it won’t fail to attract attention.