Open plan living has come to take on a new importance at a time in which remote work, the home as an entertainment space, and a wish to expand available space have become priorities for many homeowners. The fact that newer kitchens are often a key design feature means that aspects such as flooring, impressive countertops, and smart home features have taken on a new importance. If you are currently building a new kitchen or you are renovating one, what features might you consider including?

Vaulted Ceilings

The growing interest in sustainable design and renewable energies mean that natural light is playing a key role in keeping homes illuminated – and double-height spaces are an ideal way to usher light in. Soaring ceilings also create a dramatic impact, permitting the use of beautiful features such as wooden and metal beams to form arches or designer shapes above kitchen workspaces. Married to this trend is that of hanging pendant lights, fans, and decorative features that bring the eye upwards. As stated by Advanced Ceiling Systems, ceiling fans are now designer elements, boasting features such as inbuilt lighting, novel materials (with some being manufactured in nickel and other attractive metals), and remote control features for easy access ‘from below’.

Seamless And Hidden Appliances

Seamless refrigerators, ovens, and other key appliances and equipment are an ideal way to maximize space and lend kitchens a neat, uniform appearance – one in which materials such as wood and steel take the starring role. For smaller appliances such as kettles, mixers and the like, faux backsplashes make perfect hidden cabinets that facilitate organization. These can have doors that either open outwards or simple slide sideways for ultimate discretion.

Smart Design

Automation is taking over kitchens thanks to the IoT. AskWonder reports that there are around 42.2 million smart homes in the U.S., with over 45 million smart home devices. In the kitchen, these can be found in the form of refrigerators with built-in computers and screens (so you can keep an eye on contents and even send texts to your fridge, which will then alert other home dwellers or play music or stream online content). Companies like Electrolux and LG are leading the game in this respect. LG, for instance, has a refrigerator that looks like any other fridge. Tap the door twice, however, and the door transforms into a clear window so you can see the contents.

Beautiful Cabinets, Countertops And Central Islands

The star features of modern kitchens are undoubtedly those that allow homeowners to show off sturdy, beautiful materials in a wide range of colors and finishes. Materials such as luxuriously veined natural marble, quartz, stainless steel, and even concrete, are making kitchens the central design feature of open spaced homes. Central islands are increasingly taking on an artistic feel, through features such as blended materials (think marble and metal or wood and stone), designer stools, and cool hidden storage features.

Creating the perfect kitchen involves choosing the best layout and features. In current times, features such as natural lighting, luxury countertops, and space maximization have taken prominence. Kitchens are seen as a way to blend functionality and design like few other spaces, which makes sense, considering that they are often the most used communal space in a home – a place to meet, greet, and build new memories while enjoying a home cooked meal.

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