When you want to take over a home project, you will definitely benefit from saving some cost and time. Though it is generally a harder way as you may not know how to do it like a professional, it doesn’t necessarily mean the results will always be poor. When you use the right tools and equipment, you can paint your house efficiently, effectively, and with less effort.

Below are some useful tips that you should keep in mind when you plan to paint your house.

Start With A Quick Wash

Painting on walls that are dusty and dirty will not give the right finish that you expect. Using a wet cloth on your walls will let you know just about how much soot and dust has accumulated. Even if you are short of time, do not skip this step. Start with a power wash of the walls before painting. You can use a pressure washer or a hose to thoroughly wash the walls. The final results should be clean walls with no soot, dust, spider webs, or any sort of dirt.

Select The Right Paints

The next step is to select the right paints for different parts of the house. While you can choose paint for the interiors easily, you will have to be careful about the ones needed for the exterior. You will need a different type for the exterior and concrete block paint for gardens or the basement area. This is because such areas are exposed to many harsh weather conditions and also the finish is not always smooth. If you have darker walls then you will probably need to add more than one coat of paint. Problematic areas will need to be primed.

Scraping Properly Is Important

The fun part of the painting is using brushes, rollers, and sprays. The not-so-much fun part of the painting is definitely scraping the old paint off. This is usually the only part of painting your property that most people dread. If this is not done in a proper manner, then the old paint stuck on the edges will show. Don’t go overboard with scraping. Once you feel that you have achieved a surface that is similar to all the other areas, you can stop.

Paint Rollers And Sprays

Use the paint rollers for covering large areas quickly. However, there may be some sides of the house that cannot be painted using a roller. You can use paint sprays to cover those areas. Make sure you have covered the area around that you don’t want the spray to reach with tape or other material. You can also use a smaller brush for the hard-to-access areas, but it can be a little time-consuming.

2-10 Planning to Paint Your House? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Once you have finished painting then the arduous task of cleaning the brushes awaits you. Though you may be tempted to call it a day and let the brushes be, it is essential that you clean your painting tools, so you can use them again when needed. The easiest way to clean the brushes is to use paintbrush combs and water. You will have your paintbrushes clean and ready for your next use in no time. This will make the cleaning process quicker and soon enough you will be able to relax and enjoy looking at the hard work you have done.

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