Old wives’ tales circulate from generation to generation with tried and true remedies for virtually every household problem and grandmothers vouch for their effectiveness. Plumbing upkeep is no exception. These leave many homeowners scratching their heads in confusion when gurgling sounds develop in the walls or faucets begin to leak. Following advice from days old, though well-intentioned, could cause extensive damage to your home’s plumbing system and even worse expensive repairs.

Rather than following an antique notebook filled with anecdotal successes that may or may not have worked on pipes manufactured years ago, it’s critical upon noting warning signs or in cases of emergencies to contact genuinely licensed, reputable plumbers in Boynton Beach. These experts will have experience in the repair of modern-day plumbing and can help you to avoid further damage resulting in higher costs.

Myths Associated With A Home’s Plumbing System

Some tall tales that follow us through our lives carry weight, and some don’t. We genuinely need to take these with a grain of salt. For one thing, sure, back so many years ago, maybe there was some benefit with these methods. But today, our world is so drastically different. There are more sophisticated plumbing systems that require plumbers to go through advanced training in order to take care of them. These professionals find themselves debunking myths to assist homeowners in performing preventative maintenance, so the client’s repair bills remain minimal. Let’s look at a few of the more popular examples:

  • The brick in the toilet:  Mostly bricks should go on the exterior of a house or maybe the face of a fireplace, but not anywhere near the toilet, as this myth indicates. The notion is if you “put a brick in the back of the toilet’s bowl, you will ultimately save money.” The claim is this should not ever be done unless you have a strong desire to break the commode’s flapper. The result will be you have to flush twice, thus wasting more water, increasing your utility bill, and not saving money. Rewrite history and leave bricks out of the tank if you want to save money truly.
  • A fresh toilet is the result of bleach tablets: Again, things may have been much more durable back in the day, but today a heavy concentration of this substance is going to deteriorate the inner workings of the system within months. Many people opt to sanitize their commodes with bleach inside the bowl. The recommendation is if you do so, only leave the substance to sit for no more than five minutes if you have to. Ideally, it would be best if you put it in, swipe it around and flush.
  • Beware of water heaters that gurgle: As with any emergent situation, you should never panic. It is likely not to explode because it is merely making sounds. The suggestion is sediment from hard water is moving around in the unit around the burner area resulting in loud rumbles because the sediment is blocking the air from going to the top, which makes it pop. In this case, you need a plumbing professional to drain and flush the system, which should be done from that point forward regularly.
  • Lemons for a fresh smell:  This one borders on truth, but the experts don’t suggest it if your garbage disposal is at all on the weak side. Preferable is a blend of baking soda wholly dissolved in vinegar that you pour into the drain to produce a fresh odor. But in grandma’s honor, if you have super-powerful disposal, grind those lemons down for your favorite smell.
  • Unclog the drains with the handy dandy plunger:  It’s vital to take precautions with the plunger, as it’s not always wise, particularly in double sinks. If you do incorporate this method, be safe, and use non-chemical cleaners first. The recommendation is never to put any harmful chemicals down drains as they potentially damage pipes. With double sinks, there’s the potential for the plunger to free one sink only to back up the other, which could spring up, causing dangerous splash, particularly if you’re using any sort of harsh substances. If the clog is not moving, you should actually call a plumber to clear the blockage for you. It can ultimately prevent further damage and more expensive repairs, especially if you incorporated toxic supplies. Go to this link to learn about finding a professional in your time of need.

2-2 Plumbing Myths That Boynton Beach Companies Debunk

In reality, everyone knows that the methods used many years ago have no valid basis today. It’s fun to look back at the things they used to implement for household maintenance. But in the modern world, when you notice signs of a plumbing problem, you must contact a reputable plumbing professional to help with your repairs. It keeps your system running efficiently, effectively, and without interruption.