Home renovations have always been popular, but the trend has seen a drastic increase in the last two years.

As homeowners continue to spend more and more time inside, now more than ever, homeowners are inclined to make improvements to their spaces. More homeowners are turning to renovations to make their space more livable and cohesive to their day-to-day lifestyle – but what exactly are they renovating?

It’s easy to find things in your home that need improving, but it’s harder to decide which projects to invest your money, time and energy into. The good news is home renovation trends are often reflective of the changes that can increase your home’s value, livability, and overall functionality.

Take a look at what kind of renovations homeowners are making this year.

Local Trends

It’s important to know not only what’s trendy but what’s trendy in your neighbourhood. If you’re looking to renovate with a mind to increase your home’s value before you sell it, be sure to find a real estate agent that knows the trends in your local market. If you’re looking to sell your Whitby home, you’ll want to find a real estate agent in Whitby and consult with them before you spend your hard-earned dollars making significant renovations.

Healthy Homes

After two years of pandemic living, it’s no surprise that homeowners are choosing to invest in making their homes as healthy as possible. Expect to see continued upgrades to HVAC systems with air filtration, antimicrobial materials and purifications systems for better breathing.

The rise in the importance of self-care can also be seen in the renovations people are making. Features promoting wellness ranging from hot tubs and saunas to smart appliances are increasing in popularity.

Backyard Basics

One thing that we’ve learned over the last few years is that the outdoors are a safe, welcoming place for get-togethers. For those who wanted to get together, entertain and mingle, the backyard hangout was a saving grace and one that hasn’t been forgotten. Homeowners continue to invest in their outdoor spaces by putting in new patios, decks, or even outdoor kitchens.

Home Offices

The importance of having a space dedicated to work in your home has been highlighted over the past two years.

Even if some people are returning to the office part or full-time, there’s still a strong desire for a home office. Expect to see further investment in these spaces, whether by redesigning a spare bedroom or building a room above the garage or in the basement for office space. Many may choose to create hybrid work/study workspaces in case children need space for study or school.

Expect to see renovations geared towards these trends as the year goes on. Homeowners continue to focus their renovation dollars on making their homes safe, comfortable, and functional, a trend that is likely to stick around for a while.

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