Everyone wants a family-oriented community where he can live comfortably along with his family. If you are planning to move soon to a large home but couldn’t get satisfactory options, all you need is the best suburbs of Memphis to live in.

You can find numerous neighborhoods in Memphis, but in order to get a cost-effective place, the suburbs is the right choice. Do you want to know the Suburbs of Memphis along with one of eth best moving companies that will help you thoroughly in shifting? Let me introduce you to everything in detail for your better comprehension.

  • Arlington

The town of Arlington is located 31 minutes away from Memphis northwest. It has an approximately 11,600 population, while the median household income would be $99,400. The reason why you should choose this town is that it contains the best schools for your children.

Their schools have also been known as the most significant Memphis workplace. They have cost-effective housing, easy access to downtown Memphis and a family-oriented environment. In short, this small town is an ideal choice to stay with your family. You will also find different playgrounds here specially designed for kids’ activities. The Arlington sports complex is another great thing where you can play tennis, basketball, golf, etc.

  • Lakeland

Want to know some other beautiful places here to stay with your family? The next one is Lakeland, which you can consider for this purpose. It has a population of 12,600 and is the best option in order to relish different outdoor workouts. One can’t stop adoring the beautiful views of this small town that is an ideal place to enjoy outdoor events. For all young and professionals, it is the most exciting place to have fun with your family.

The question here is why you should choose this place over others? The Windward Slopes Park, where you can also play different sports, is the primary source of attraction. Moreover, the historic view grasps your attention quickly. You can also enjoy boating and swimming in hot summer weather.

  • Collierville

Collierville is another beautiful community that has approximately 48,900+ population. It is another soothing and relaxing place to come along with your family. It is 30 minutes away from Memphis and is known for the historic town square. It has numerous tree-lined parks, coffee shops, and restaurants that are locally owned and also contain old train depot.

In Collierville, you have plenty of activities to perform. It contains many big malls for shopping, fun activities, and eateries. Hence, if you are planning to move to Collierville anytime soon or you have already made your mind, you must be worried about all the procedures it takes to move from one place to another along with the family. Isn’t it? Well, we have a perfect solution to your problem. You can simply contact one of the best moving companies In Collierville, TN, that has been offering their services for a long time and have made colossal respect and name.

They not only move your luggage to the actual place but also help you pack the entire stuff at a limited cost. They ensure to move your baggage without any breakage safely. You can visit their official website in order to check customer reviews.

  • Oakland

Another affordable Suburb of Memphis is Oakland which currently has a 7,500+ population. It is best known for its low crime rate, best schools, and affordable housing. Hence, if you are looking for a family-oriented place at a minimum rate, Oakland would be the right choice.

Your children will be completely safe, and you will be given every required facility. There are various retail stores, including Walmart and Kroger. The median household income in Oakland is $74,000.

  • Germantown

In order to find the best job, you can’t find a better place than Germantown, which is especially known for this purpose. It has a 39,200 population and is home to various neighborhoods in Memphis. You will find many luxury homes as well here. Moreover, it comprises some great schools for kids.

It is a bit expensive compared to other places, yet the views and all the attractive places make them worth living. They conduct annual festivals regularly where people from everywhere come and participate. If you are looking for the best and luxury place where your kids can be raised perfectly, this place is great.

  • Bartlett

Another family-oriented place and one of the largest Tennessee cities is Bartlett. If you want to raise a family in a happy and comfortable environment, this place should be your top priority. It is one of those places where you can live, play and work.

Every year different type of events happens here that are the primary source of attraction for families and kids. You will also find various recreational amenities here. In short, it is another excellent place to raise your kids.

  • Cordova

The last place that you can consider is Cordova, located south of Bartlett and on the north side of Germantown. It has an almost 60,700 population while the median household income is $70,200. With time, the population keeps increasing.

The community offers various attraction places. It also has a private Colonial Country Club and also contains one of the largest shopping malls i.e., Germantown Square. This community has every requirement that you might need in order to spend quality time with your family.

Final Words

Memphis-4 Popular Suburbs of Memphis

If you have been searching for the Popular Suburbs of Memphis, this guide will surely accommodate you. I have mentioned a few best small towns that you can choose to stay in with your family. They are completely family-oriented and serve the most comfortable environment.

You can consider it as per your feasibility and convenience. All the places mentioned above are budget-friendly and have a lot of attraction spots. Along with these places, I have also mentioned one of the best moving companies, Titane lite moving, that is here to make your moving journey successful and less complicated.

You can contact them anytime you want for the best services at a limited cost. I hope this guide will help you figure out which place is the most suitable for you.

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