Have you recently had senior citizens over and are you finding it difficult to accommodate them? Are they having a tough time navigating everyday tasks? Whether because of the pandemic or other reasons, we’ve all had to get accustomed to different things. One of which might be living with the elderly. Simple tasks can become quite difficult with age. If you want to help any senior citizens in your life, here’s a list of practical items that you can add to your home. Small changes make a big difference!

The bigger the buttons, the better!

Our eyes lose their sharpness with age. Senior citizens have a tougher time reading small print and deciphering tiny buttons. To make things easier and clearer for any elderly people you know, you have to think big! Consider replacing whatever remotes you may have around the house with simpler, bigger ones. Bigger buttons are not only easier to see but are easier to press and navigate. Whether the remote is for the TV, aircon, or buzzer having larger and more readable buttons will save you and your elderly a lot of trouble.

Give them a lift!

Stairs and steps can be hard on the knees, especially in old age. If your elderly live in a two or more-story home can limit their movement. Consider making their job easier by installing a small lift in between floors. These essential Stiltz Homelifts can make a great addition to any home to allow your elderly to move around freely. Gone are the days of bulky, slow, and ineffective stair-lifts, as there are many small, quiet, and stylish options out there. Give your elderly the choice to decide if they want their afternoon tea on the 1st or 2nd floor and ease their journey!

Attachable Foam Grips

Once you get past a certain age, you lose some control of your motor skills. Your hands shake and your grip isn’t quite what it used to be and it can be difficult to hold things. Kitchen utensils, pens and pencils, tools, and other small, thin items become a nightmare to use. Having an attachable handle or grip might be a good investment if you know anyone who suffers from a poor grip. Foam or rubber handles that can slip a pen, fork, or toothbrush in are much easier to grip. If you can’t buy them, you can make your own grips right at home! You could even turn it into a fun family activity!

Make showering easier and safer

Bathing or showering can be difficult even when your body is at full capacity. But as you get older, your body is less limber, and getting in a bath is just as difficult as standing in the shower. A few simple additions to your bathroom can make bath time easier for your elderly. A slip-resistant shower mat in the bath or shower is a simple addition that makes washing much safer.

With a slip-resistant mat, your elderly can now stand with confidence as they wash. But what if they want to sit? A good idea is to install a shower chair. There are many benefits to having a shower chair that involves things other than comfort. Standing even for 10 or 15 minutes to shower can be a difficult endeavor for an older person, so keep that in mind!

Organize and simplify

A common side effect of old age is forgetfulness. To help your elderly remember and keep track of things, a good place to start is with notes and reminders around the house. Don’t forget to use big, readable writing! Another common pitfall of the elderly is forgetting to take their meds. With all the different boxes, prescriptions, and days of the week, it can get quite confusing. Simplify their life with a pill organizer and make sure they take their medication! The easier to open and easier to read, the better!

Give them a longer reach

If you drop something when you’re older, it’s much more difficult to bend down and pick it up. It’s also much more difficult and to strain and stretch to reach something on the top shelf. A solution to both these problems can be found in a grabber. With a grabber, your elderly can pick up dropped items, or reach items far away without strain or pain. If your elderly don’t suffer from previously mentioned poor grip problems, a grabber might be a great gadget to have to lie around.

b2-2 Practical Items That You Need To Add To Your Home If You Have Seniors

Many problems come with old age. Whether it’s poor motor skills, memory, sight, or hearing, there are plenty of easy solutions out there! Navigating life in your golden years can be challenging and it’s our job as the younger generation to help out. Apart from the above-mentioned suggestions, there are plenty of other small changes that you can implement to make their lives easier.

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