While moving to a new property, apart from the plumbing being in good working condition, gas connection should be in a better state. It may seem easy, but due to the safety precautions which should be adhered to, an expert should do the connection. Same Day Trades are such professionals and theyadhere to the following tips.

Check for the existence of a gas pipe.

Getting a new gas connection using a new pipe is costly and may also take longer to connect. Look around in the adjacent buildings for any gas supply point that can be used and a pipe in good condition. If there are none, then Same Day Trades will advise you on the way forward.

Additionally no other pipes should be below, adjacent or above the gas pipes.The gas geysers should be installed by a professional plumber.

Where will the meter be located?

Your meter can be located either inside your home or outside. The advantage of the meter being outside is it will be accessible to meter readers and incase of any emergencies, it can be switched off easily. Most homeowners who prefer their meters inside their homes is because of the not so good looking meter box.

After choosing whether the meter will be inside or outside the house, the other requirement is that it should be near the main gas access. In most homes this gas access is either in the back or front. For the meters in the external walls they shouldn’t be placed more than 2 meters on the down side while for internal it shouldn’t be more than 2meters inside. Same Day Trades recommends the internal wall should be made of brick.

The position of the meter should meet safety regulations.

Not every area in a property is suitable for installing a gas meter. The meter should be placed away from an electric meter, preferably more than 15 cm. It shouldn’t be adjacent to heat sources,and not come into contact with wet floors such as bathrooms.The meter should also be shielded from adverse weather conditions such snow and rain. It is not advisable to connect gas to property and then place the gas meter under the staircase and in places where it can come into contact with chemicals. Wherever the meter is placed it shouldn’t be an obstruction and the ventilation should be adequate.

Know the amount of gas needed.

To calculate how much gas you will need now and give an allowance in the future, you will need to know the input of each appliance that uses gas in your home. This why an expert is needed to to give the way forward in such matters. Same Day Trades would be glad to render their services and ensure the gas connection is fixed professionally.

After the connections are fully done and now you need to connect to your appliances, makes sure the length of the pipe is not more than one meter. The gas pipe should be approved and meet all the safety guidelines.

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