Furniture made of profile pipe is a great option for those who want to get an original and high-quality interior design. For example, industrial style tables are especially popular. You can create other furniture, which is perfectly suited, for example, for the cottage. Products will be distinguished by their originality and reliability.

Types of furniture made of profile pipe

Many different options can be created from such components. You can look at various thematic photos and get interesting ideas. Furniture can be made not only for the apartments, but also for dachas, private houses.

Usually, a profile pipe is used for creating:

  • tables;
  • chairs;
  • benches;
  • couches;
  • stools;
  • bar seats.

Profile materials are not the only materials from which such furniture is created. Otherwise it would be impossible to use such structures. Wood and metal are usually involved in the production as well. Profile pipe is the basis, the frame. It is sheathed and decorated in production. Versatile products are made in result. The basis is characterized by a wide range of applications.

p2 Profile pipe furniture: application in a modern interior

Making furniture from profile pipe

These structural elements are chosen for several reasons. First of all, they are distinguished by their reliability and easy processing. Tooling and various tools are used for the production of furniture. A decorative finish is applied to give the product the necessary aesthetics.

Ordering furniture from the profile pipe or metal-working services are now profitable at the Ukrainian companies. Many companies enter the European and Western markets to provide the best conditions to their customers. Also, Ukrainian contractors are well known for their meticulous approach to work – all metal products are made with the best quality and within the stipulated time. “MAGNET” – is an example of a company that deals with metalworking services at the Ukrainian and European market.

p3 Profile pipe furniture: application in a modern interior

Products may have a square, rectangular or circular cross section. In the first and second cases, the components are easily assembled into a single structure. It is necessary to use a welding machine to combine components.. Sometimes an electric drill is used, allowing to drill wood and metal.

To deburr the parts – a flat file is used. If the product is large, then a disk for metal and an emery variant for wood are used. Both variants are inexpensive.

Tooling is necessary in order to bend components. It is made for certain bends. In the process of work, the tooling can be changed and supplemented. For this reason, the main requirements for it – ease of manufacture, simplicity.

Before the start, the master prepares a drawing. This is used to cut the pipes and other parts. Careful drilling and debugging of the holes are carried out in the cutting areas. Make sure you have all the tools you need, such as end mills, drills, saws, nail guns, etc., to help bend, cut, and assemble all the parts to the right angle for the frame. Elements are connected to each other.

Tightening of the structure is carried out with the use of suitable bolts. Appropriate fittings are installed on the subject. This can be wooden and plastic structures. In the final stage, the new furniture is painted. This algorithm is applicable to almost any furniture that is made of profile pipes. The structure is created beforehand, and after that it is decorated.

Reliability of furniture made of profile pipe

Such elements are characterized by a wide range of sections. Profile models have a number of unique properties. They have protection against mechanical damage. Only steel of high quality is used in production.

There are small cavities in these pipes, which perform two tasks at once. Firstly, such features of the design can significantly save on expensive metal. Secondly, it is possible to lighten the product.

p4 Profile pipe furniture: application in a modern interior

Manufacturers pay special attention to the rigidity of products. At the same time, it is important to consider the plasticity. To ensure the necessary reliability, it is necessary to purchase pipes with a suitable cross-section. Profile pipe with a size of 40×40 mm is distinguished by a simplified fixation of parts. This width provides a strong connection of the structure.

For beds and chairs, such a cross section will not be enough. For the connection of supporting parts, pipes of 20×20 mm are recommended. Despite the small size, such products can be used as parts of the metal frame. They are able to evenly distribute the load. The structure will become quite rigid.

In production, you can use not only pipes with a square cross section. Rectangular variants are also quite convenient to attach to each other. Especially common are variants of 40×20 mm. The presence of four supporting edges will provide stability and reliability.

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