With every passing year, summer time is undoubtedly only getting hotter and hotter, and in turn, this only makes dealing with the summer heat more challenging. However, there are plenty of ways that are simple and effective that can help you combat the summer heat.

This is why we’ve made a list of the best proven ways for you to beat the oncoming summer heat.

Energy efficient ways to stay cool indoors

We find it necessary to always have the air conditioning on at the lowest temperature, and this is something that takes up way too much energy, making the electric bills during the summer time an absolute nightmare. It also makes the switch from super cold intensify how hot the heat is! What you can do is ensure that you have it always at 25 or 26 degrees celsius, and this ensures that the bill isn’t insanely over the top because it’s not taking up as much energy as it does below that temperature. Another great idea to stay cool is to get yourself a couple of fans. Sometimes people like to stay away from fans because of the noise, but that is no longer an issue because there are actually noiseless fans available on the market. If you don’t know what to get, then the reviews at are a great resource to help you pick out the right ones. Fans are a great way to save energy and beat the summer heat effectively for long hours. There are even options that give off a gentle spray of mist if the humidity and heat is unbearable. You should also keep the heat out by making sure your windows are shut as well.

Know your body

We already know the importance of staying hydrated during the summer to avoid the heat, but did you also know that there are certain areas in your body that cool much faster? If you get a cool pack and place it on either your neck or your wrists, you are going to effectively be able to keep your whole body cooler at a much faster rate. Remember also to always wear the right kind of materials that won’t have you sweating like crazy, and always stick to the lighter colors because the darker colored clothes will have you feeling so much hotter.

photo-1471105613346-f63bc11dab15 Proven Ways to Beat The Summer Heat

Eat the right food

Did you not know that the food you eat makes a difference to your body’s temperature? Well, now you know! It’s true, when you eat really heavy meals, then your body obviously makes the effort to work to digest it, and by doing so, it really heats up quite a bit. In the summer, make sure that you stick to light meals that are made of fresh fruits and vegetables, and take it easy on the junk as much as you can. You’ll see how much of a difference it makes when it comes to coping with the heat.

Use the right kind of lighting

Pay attention to the kind of bulbs you are using, because the wrong ones can actually make your space even hotter than it should be. Incandescent lighting is insanely energy draining and will make your space even warmer. You should definitely think about energy saving options because not only do they save up on energy, but they don’t heat up- at all!

Upstairs? downstairs!

You know how as a kid, being upstairs was always the best thing, because that was where your parent’s room or your room is? Well, it’s not where you want to be for the summer, that’s for sure! It’s been proven that it becomes much cooler on the ground floor or even the basement, if you have one, during the summer time. This is because hot air always rises, so the lower you are, the better. And this way, you’ll find it much easier to sleep anywhere but in your bedroom this summer!

Summer heat seems like an unbeatable force of nature, but it really is! Take into consideration the points we’ve mentioned here and you’ll see how much of a difference it will make for you this upcoming summer. All you need to do is have a couple of tricks up your sleeve, think about location, your body, and shortcuts on how to save on energy so that the cool factor follows you no matter where you go in the scorching heat. And always remember the undeniable effect of staying hydrated at all times, because this is something that trumps all!