A Queen Murphy bed can be just what you need if you are short on room space. If you are looking for a big comfortable bed and, at the same time, a space saver – owning a Queen Murphy Bed is what you are looking for. A Queen Murphy bed, also called a fold-down bed, is an upper-end bed resting vertically on the wall or within your cabinet wardrobe. The Queen Murphy bed is a bed hinged on the wall, which is perfect for your room. It draws out when you have to sleep and swings back up throughout the day to give you more room space.

A Brief History of Queen Murphy Bed

The bed was named after the Irish immigrant William Lawrence Murphy. Between 1800-1900, he was searching for an innovative way to room in his tiny flat. Around 1900, he made the first prototype of the now well-known Murphy bed. According to the news, he wooed an opera singer but during that time, he was staying in a one-bedroom San Francisco flat, and a woman entering a male bedroom was deemed immoral. Hence, he invented the Murphy bed’s first version to turn his bedroom into a room for entertainment during the daytime.

Murphy beds, much like trundle beds, are popular with small homes, apartments, hotels, mobile homes, and college dormitories where the floor space is limited. The beds are used for space-saving purposes.

Functional Benefits of a Queen Murphy Bed

The smaller the house, the more and more prominent and convenient are the utilization of folding furniture. What other benefits can we get with Queen Murphy beds, given that it is already a space saver?

  • It is easy to use and quick to set up.

Setting up a Queen Murphy bed will take just a few seconds or just under 1 minute. It takes about as much of the same time to position the bed and bring it back into the cabinet or wall. Thus, all you have to do is spend less than 2 minutes setting everything up, and then you can fully enjoy your sleep.

  • Fills your room with some life.

The bedroom layout wherein you will put your Queen Murphy bed will certainly boost your room’s aesthetic.

For example, a Murphy bed cabinet sagebrush would fit if you wanted to go for an industrial look or even if you prefer a beach feel. The beds and wall beds are both made of sturdy hardwood – not just any particleboard. What is great about Queen Murphy beds is that they will still be aesthetically appealing to the eyes, independent of whether the bed is pulled down. The cabinet works as a piece of perfect day furniture while the bed is stored away.

  • A cozy place to sleep and work on.

Some people would prefer to work in the bed during the late or wee hours of the morning because of the coziness a Queen Murphy bedroom can offer. The bed and cabinets can be customized to have extra features such as a night tray, USB ports, and power outlets. Also, even if you have drawn out the bed, the storage drawer in the front is still available. Thus, you are free, regardless of the Murphy bed cabinet design, to store essential things in it and access them quickly.

Reasons Why You Should Install A Queen Murphy Bed Instead of a Sleeper Bed

  • A Queen Murphy bed needs less space. The Queen Murphy beds are intact in a frame and attached to the wall; far less space is needed compared to a sofa. The sofa bed is 24″ long and can take up a lot of space in a room.
  • Murphy beds are thicker and more practical for sleeping every day. Rest assured that even your visitors who will sleep over will wake up comfortably. The Murphy wall bed wins hands down if you wish to change a certain room (may be your work room) to a guest bedroom in just a matter of minutes. ‘

Furthermore, the Queen Murphy beds have thick mattresses – from 10″ to 11.” In comparison, most sleeper sofas only have mattresses with a thickness of 4″ to 5″ and with a metal support structure beneath. The mattresses must be thin so that it will weigh down the frame supporting it.

  • A Murphy bed can also be transformed as a workspace for your home office when the bed is not in use. The sleeper beds are just beds and too plain. It is a couch you can get to sleep on, and it is all that it could be. They cannot be transformed into a home office desk.

On the other hand, if you want your room to turn into a home office during the daytime, you can do so with your very own Queen Murphy bed. It has a desk right inside of it that you can utilize once you fold up the bed. If you wish to have a bigger bed, imagine a Queen Murphy bed.

  • The Queen Murphy bed and desk with a double mattress will be a smart choice if you want to install a flexible sleeping area in a children’s bedroom, as well.
  • You may build a storage structure around the bed.

You may need archiving shelves and drawers on the sides of your bed if you are using the space as a home office. You may get a cabinet system Murphy that coincides with the bed effortlessly.

It would be best if you placed a storage cabinet on the side of the Murphy bed when you need the space to be used as a spare room or a yoga studio. You can then store your work tools and hang rods for your mates or your family’s clothes bags.

Get Ample Space with Your Queen Murphy Bed

As you can notice, there are many advantages when you buy a Queen Murphy bed for your room. If you complain of a lack of room space, consider using a Murphy bed cabinet to store all your supplementary products. The most convenient and comfortable bed you can have!

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