Stucco is a form of plastering material applied to surfaces and is mostly used for exterior and interior finishing. When applied correctly, it’s aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to maintain compared to ordinary plaster. On the other hand, it can cause significant problems like cracking, rot, moisture leaks, and bulging if applied incorrectly.

This is why stucco application is better left to professionals like Stucco Contractors in Alberquerque. Here are nine questions to ask top-rated stucco companies if you are planning on hiring one.

  1. Location: This is one of the first questions to ask your potential stucco contractor. Asking for the company’s location helps you determine whether they’re the best hire. It’s best to use top-rated companies close to your site to ensure smooth logistics and workflow.

Moreover, using contractors close to your location also lets you schedule a physical interview, ask many questions as you want, and properly evaluate the company’s expertise.

  1. License: It’s advisable to use a licensed company to be on a safe side. Hiring a licensed contractor assures you of their integrity and professionalism. As stated earlier, stucco design requires a high level of expertise, hence why you need a proof of professionalism to guarantee quality work.

Besides, using a licensed company ensures that your money and that you’re not dealing with fraudulent or shoddy contractors. Although not all contractors are required to have a license to operate, it’s best to stay safe and ask for a permit or some certification.

  1. Warranty: This is an important question to ask stucco companies before making a hire. Asking if the company has a warranty policy can reassure of the contractor’s credibility and services. Stucco designs are usually durable and long-lasting, but you can never tell if any problem will develop later. In such cases, having a warranty in place can help.

Moreover, getting a warranty is an assurance that the contractor is going to do a quality job. Another thing you’ll need to ask is how long the warranty is going to last. Depending on the company you hire, most companies offer a warranty of 6 months to one year.

  1. Level Of Experience: You also need to ask the contractor about their experience and how long it has been in business. It helps you track the company’s success record and level of expertise. Besides, there’s a higher chance that a more experienced company would deliver a better job than a newbie.

A company with years of experience would’ve mastered the art of stucco application. On the other hand, a newbie is likely to make rookie mistakes.

  1. Testimonials: Asking for references and testimonials further guarantees the capacity to deliver a quality job and gives you the chance to see some of the company’s work in the past. You can ask for work samples, testimonials, and reviews from the company’s agent or customer care service. Either way, providing such testimonials allows for transparency and further cements your trust in the brand.
  1. Insurance: Asides asking for a warranty, you should also ask if the company carries insurance. Hiring a contractor who has insurance ensures that your property is safe in the event of an accident while working on the house. You can ask for the company’s certificate of insurance to confirm insurance claims.

Although it’s not necessary to hire an insured company, it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, if you chose to hire a company that isn’t insured, you may get a reduced fee because the company isn’t paying any premiums.

  1. Type Of Stucco: This is an important question to ask your contractor. There are different types of designs, and what you chose is dependent on several factors like location/area, the structure of the house, your budget, the color, and texture you want.

Allowing the contractor to get their preferences upfront will help you make the most suitable choice with valid reasons.

  1. Other Packages: Most contractors companies offer several packages along with their main service. You can ask the contractor if they provide any finishing services with the stucco application. Since stucco work is mostly used for exterior and interior home design, there might be a need for finishing touches once the job is completed.

Asking your contractor if they offer this extra package will help you save money and time.

  1. Duration Of The Project: It’s necessary to ask how long the stucco application will take from start to finish. Having an idea of a timeline gives you a form of control and orderliness during the project’s duration. It also allows you to prepare for the project and plan with the timeline accordingly.

Some other important questions you might want to ask include service charge, contract of payment, how the company handles customer’s complaints, and if there’s a need to get a permit for the stucco application.


Using a stucco application for your home is a good idea if you’re looking for a unique, beautiful, and long-lasting design. Due to the complexity of the design, stucco work is best left to professionals experienced in the field. Asking about the points highlighted above will help your search for a top-rated stucco contractor.