Everybody wants a home they can be proud of inside and out. It’s customary at this point to give a guided tour of your home to anyone who comes by to visit. The thing is, after your first few occasions showing someone around, you’ll start to notice a few things you’re not extremely proud of. Some of these factors are built right into the home, making them not simple to work around in the grand scheme. However, chances are you’re not the only person with that particular problem, which means there are some solutions out there for you.

These are just a few things homeowners can do to make their home seem more put together:

Update old light fixtures.

A shoddy light fixture can poison the look of an entire room, while a well-chosen light fixture can disguise a lot of unfixable issues in a room. Older, bland fixtures can be replaced to make way for a much more modern solution. First, you should look at the room itself, and see if your current lights are doing them justice. Consider whether or not the kind of light (harsh, bright, white, etc.) is suitable for that room, as well as whether or not it provides the amount of light necessary. From there, you’re just a short trip to your local hardware store to having a much more attractive space.

Cover unused vents.

As a home grows and changes throughout the years, some vestigial aspects might remain. These can be as simple as furnace controls remaining after electric heating has been installed, as well as the presence of vents that serve no purpose anymore. A simple way to cover these vents and give them an attractive spin is by using magnetic vent covers. They come in a wide array of styles. Choosing properly could give your room an exciting accent instead of a reminder of the home’s past regime.

Disguise worn-out portions of your home.

Certain walls and floors take more damage than others in a home by sheer virtue of a home’s traffic not being consistent throughout. That means there might be scratch marks on the floors, from moving furniture or stains on a wall. Instead of paying to have these items fixed, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good rug or bookshelf. Use these items to strategically take attention away from these spots, or to even completely mask their less than appealing nature.


Most people think upgrading how their home looks requires expensive renovations, but the truth of the matter is a lot of simple concepts can be exploited to reinvigorate even the grungiest of living spaces. Simple things like repainting a room or changing furniture placement can make a room seem bigger or smaller, for instance. The tips in this article should serve as an inspiration to help jumpstart your brain into looking for simple fixes around your house. It’s by no means a complete list. With a little bit of understanding as to how we conceptualize a room and what existing features make up that conception, you can go a long way with a minimal home improvement budget.