When you work in real estate, understanding marketing is the key to success. In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of real estate marketing so that you can follow the best practices and beat the competition.

What is Real Estate Marketing?

Whether you know it or not, one of your roles as a real estate agent is that of a marketer. You’re not just responsible for the marketing of real estate, however.

In real estate marketing, you are in charge of marketing yourself. Marketing yourself well can make the difference between a sale and a dead end, a client, and an empty chair. In simple terms, marketing is the practice of advertising and selling. With social media, online communique, and intense competition, selling your services and your professional presence has never been more critical.

How to Market Yourself

 You might be reasonably comfortable selling properties, homes, or rentals. Maybe you’ve been in business awhile, and so it comes easily to you. However, in the age of selfies and self-promotion, it’s time to master the art of marketing yourself better than ever. Your competition is doing it, and the most successful realtors and real estate agents in the world are doing the same. Here’s how you can start marketing yourself:

Have a Website

Professional websites are enormously helpful in attracting clients, making sales, and maintaining an excellent reputation. Even if you already have one, update it. According to Jasper Juhl, CEO of real estate engine website Better Estimate, it’s not enough to just create a one-page site into which you put only a little creativity. It’s not enough to just create a one-page site into which you put only a little creativity. Your website should represent your personality and the vibe you want the world to see.

It should include professional pictures of you, information about your professional successes and history, testimonials, and even a bit about your personal life. Having a unique and exciting website that’s optimized for the web will help you convert those visits into leads.

And you should also use real estate scheduling software embedded in your site. Why send a link via email and create an extra interaction when clients can book your time directly from the site.

Have a Social Media Presence

You don’t need to have accounts on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. That would be overwhelming for anyone. Choose the one form of social media you know best. One platform is enough, and using the type you are already familiar with will encourage you to use it daily. Create a professional profile.

Find followers, even if you start by asking only your friends and family to accept your friend invitations. And don’t just leave your profile there doing nothing. Use it and engage positively with others regularly, if possible, even daily.

This is an ideal place to post pictures of irresistible properties. You never know who might pass details about a property along, and before you know it, your page can inspire a sale (or more).

Create a Unique Business Card

While your online presence is imperative, don’t let go of physical, print cards. People still love business cards. They’re another excellent way to make your name and professional identity known in the community. You should also create real estate flyers, which along with business cards, can be easily posted at stores, salons, and elsewhere, for people to notice and make use of.

This action could, in turn, translate into a major sale down the road. Be sure to include your face on your business card, because people will remember your face better than your name. Including an image will also help your cards to stand out from the rest. Using your business cards is an opportunity to share your unique professional personality and style.

Whether you’ve been in the real estate sector for one month or many decades, it’s time to ensure that your marketing is top-notch. The competition is intense, and the best way to stay at the top of your game is by marketing yourself well.