House selling can be quite challenging for many, and to make matters worse, it can quickly head south if not done correctly. However, selling your house shouldn’t be too difficult, once you know what to do. For those in Memphis, TN, here are some tips to guide you in the process of selling your home. These tips equip you with all the necessary information on how to prep your house for sale in Memphis, TN, to get a competitive price.

10 Realty Tips To Prep Your House For Sale In Memphis TN

Get Your Price Bracket Set: Although you cannot easily place a fixed price for your house, set a price bracket for it. To sell a home in Memphis TN or anywhere else, you need to set a competitive price, and to do it right, observe the market conditions and work up an estimate that is not too high or too low for the house.

Focus On Curb Appeal: Give your buyers a good first impression and work on beautifying the entrance of your home. Create the ultimate curb appeal with different features like a renovated or new garage door, a well-trimmed walk-way, a beautiful garden, and an overall clean entrance.

Decide The Means To Sell The House: One of the first things to do is deciding how exactly you want to sell the house. There are different ways to get a fair cash deal on your home. You can get real estate agents to sell the house on your behalf, make use of a real estate investment company to take charge or sell the house by yourself.

Make Necessary Repairs: Once you’ve decided to sell your house, it is exceedingly necessary that you make repairs on the damaged things and areas in it. Fix anything faulty or broken, such as electrical switches, window panes, tiles, sinks, and roofs.

Make a list of everything that needs repairs and ensure you get them fixed either by yourself or allow a professional to do so. Doing repairs is a form of investment that will yield you enough profit at the point of sale.

Declutter the Interior: The same way you make the exterior of the house appealing, the interior should also be appealing. To get that done, the first step is to declutter the house from all unnecessary items and things.

Get rid of anything unnecessary and unwanted that can put off your buyer, such as old clothing items, old furniture, old or unused appliances, etc. This gives the house some breathing space and attracts the buyer.

Clean Up The House: Cleaning up is next after decluttering. Once the house is free from unnecessary baggage and unfit load, a proper clean up comes up next. All areas and surfaces must be thoroughly clean, from kitchen surfaces to toilet surfaces and spaces, the living room, bedroom, the garage, etc.

Work On The House Painting: Give the entire house a new look with a good and fresh paint job. A total paint job may be necessary if the painting of the house is too old. But if the paint is still new, painting the whole house may be unnecessary, all you need to do in such cases is to retouch areas such as the exterior, doors, and window frames to give the entire house a shiny and fresh look.

Preferably, use more neutral and simpler colors for the outer and inner parts of the house to avoid putting the buyer off with too many bright colors. However, if painting isn’t your thing, wallpaper is a great alternative to use.

Decorate: A simple decoration will suffice to give an extra appeal to the inner parts of the house. Flower vases, fitted curtains, place appropriate decorative items strategically in the house to add to the beauty.

Keep Everything In Order: Make it a point to keep the entire house organized after decluttering. As you get rid of unnecessary items, place those you see fit to stay in order. Organize everything, including the items in the kitchen, living room set, bedrooms, the books in the study room, etc.

Negotiate And Accept Offer:  Once the assessment and evaluation of the house are over, go through the offers with your real estate or investment company agent. Some of the things to take note include the means/type of payment, financial conditions of the buyer, etc. Once you’ve made your final choice, accept the offer and know that your house will be off the market afterward for good.


Selling your house in Memphis, TN might seem like a tough feat to achieve based on market conditions, especially if you are not a real estate agent. However, once you walk through the realty tips listed above such as the means to sell the house, establishing a competitive price bracket, cleaning and renovating the house, improving the curb appeal, and finally negotiating, the sale will undoubtedly fall through easily.