Are you looking for replacement windows or doors for your home? Or perhaps both? Over the years, external doors and windows have taken a serious beating. Rain, wind, snow, and even sun can damage the framework. This is especially true with wooden frames where the wood needs regular treatment with protective materials and can rot over the years.

Doors and windows also play a large part in your security system. Older style wooden doors offer little protection in terms of strength and durability. In the following article, we’ll be looking at modern custom windows and doors with examples from a manufacturer with a strong reputation. First, let’s look at some of the reasons you may need replacement windows and doors.

Why You Might Need New Doors and Windows

If you check out Mikita Door & Window, which are among the leading names in replacement doors and windows for Long Island, you’ll be surprised at the sheer variety of window designs available. They are also a supplier of the brand we are talking about here, ProVia. We’ve chosen ProVia as it is a well-known brand in modern custom window design.

So, what are the reasons you may have for needing new doors and windows? Here are the main ones:

  • You have moved into a property where the doors and windows are of an older style, and you need greater security measures.
  • You are extending your home and want modern doors and windows for the new section.
  • You are adding a conservatory and want to have the best window and door combination.
  • You wish to make your home more energy-efficient by replacing older wooden windows with newer, more efficient examples.
  • You have wooden windows that are rotted and simply past their lifetime.

It may be that you simply want more attractive windows, or you may have windows of an unusual shape or design and need a custom-made replacement. This is where a manufacturer such as ProVia can help, so let’s talk in more detail about why ProVia might be your choice and why these windows are used by many of the region’s window suppliers and home builders.

What Makes ProVia Doors and Windows Special? 

It’s well known that there is a direct correlation between older or badly fitted windows and energy loss, and replacing them with more modern examples can save a lot of energy and, therefore, money. But what is it that draws installers and construction companies to the ProVia brand? They have a reputation for good customer service and are among the few window and door manufacturers to offer custom-made products in up-to-the-minute materials.

Talking of materials, their range of windows includes wood, wood, vinyl, and a collection of aluminum storm windows designed to be as protective as possible for homes in areas where serious storms are expected. Put simply, these are the modern windows you will find and are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Reasons-To-Choose-ProVia-Windows-Doors-For-Your-Home Reasons To Choose ProVia Windows & Doors For Your Home

Can I Have Colored ProVia Windows?

When vinyl windows first came onto the market, they were mainly presented in white. This led to many potential customers remaining with wood windows and doors painted in any color. Furthermore, vinyl looked too fresh and modern for many contemporary homes. The latest designs are far more advanced and intended to be suitable for either the most modern or traditional home, and as they can be custom made, this is further enhanced.

They are also available in a full range of colors that the buyer can specify and look superb. They are not painted but created in color at the source. This gives you a chance to have colored doors, windows, and frames insecure and strong vinyl that will never require painting or protective coat adding.

These doors and windows also come with up-to-date secure and strong locking systems, which cannot be said for older fittings. Wooden windows more than just a few years old are far easier to break into, and any such fittings are a call to the thieves who want to get into your home. So, how do you find a local window installer who can help you with these modern, attractive, and secure windows?

How Do I Find a Professional ProVia Window Installer? 

For modern windows and replacement doors, you need to find a company with a reputation for great customer service, and that deals in the brand you want to use. Professional installers will offer you a warranty for the work carried out, and the manufacturer will also guarantee the product. We mentioned a company earlier that serves the Long Island region, and they are certainly one for your shortlist.

Make sure that you talk to a few service providers and get quotes that you can compare and be certain they understand any custom requirements you may have for your window and door replacements. If you are buying for a self-build project, we recommend you talk to a few companies that work with the construction team you use to complete your project.

It’s usually best to stay local for services such as this as local companies will not carry the added cost of travel and transport from afar. So, we know there are local companies in Long Island that deal with the ProVia brand. These are the people you should talk to if you look for quality replacement windows and doors in any color and custom-made.


From the above, you can certainly see there is more to choosing a supplier of new windows and doors than simply picking a name from a directory. Talk to a few about the brands they use and if you are set on ProVia, ensure that the supplier you choose to engage has experience with their products.

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