During the repair or construction of new housing, the question of choosing window systems is acute: what varieties exist, what advantages each of them has, and which one, in the end, to choose.

How do make windows also safe? When studying the types of glass, you probably came across the concept of “Impact resistant glazing windows”. Let’s take a closer look at this window system: its advantages, applications, and methods of production.

1. Heat preservation

Heat retention in the house is provided by: double-glazed windows from several chambers, special energy-saving glasses, and filling the chambers with inert gas instead of air. The more elements combined in one window, the greater its energy efficiency.

Accordingly, the higher the price. Therefore, the optimal choice of windows directly depends on what time of the year and how intensively you use your country house.

2. Noise isolation

Windows Peter – Plastic windows in St. Petersburg. Arriving at a country house or a dacha, we want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. And the more offensive it is to wake up at dawn to the accompaniment of a neighbor’s lawnmower, the sounds of motorcycles passing by, and the joyful cries of children.

If the location of your home does not allow you to get rid of external loud sounds, the “right” windows will help.

Responsible for soundproofing

  • Glazing chambers. Double-glazed windows with different distances between the glasses are one of the most popular solutions for an increased level of noise protection.
  • The triplex glass is made of several layers which affect maximum sound absorption.

3. Benefits of using impact-resistant double-glazed windows

Both impact-resistant and ordinary double-glazed windows will provide your home with warmth and comfort, as well as protect it from street noise. But, in addition to heat saving and noise insulation.

Impact-resistant double-glazed windows can create a certain level of security. Such a really important and necessary quality is ensured by the production technology using protective films, and tempered glass. First of all, the installation of this product will protect you from traumatic glass rain upon impact.

The film and the triplex system prevent spillage, and pieces remain on the film or glue. And tempered glass shatters into fragments that do not have thin sharp ends, which completely eliminates the risk of injury

4. Manufacturers of impact-resistant double-glazed windows

The reliability of impact-resistant double-glazed windows directly depends on the quality of the glass used in the production of such systems. To date, high-quality tempered glass and triplex systems are offered by Pakistan manufacturers specially Sabic.

It should be noted that impact-resistant double-glazed windows are characterized by increased weight. And must be used with window profiles and fittings that can withstand this weight.

Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to the selection of a quality profile. For the manufacture of such window systems, a profile of various manufacturers is used.

5. Technology for the production of impact-resistant double-glazed windows

The production technology of impact-resistant double-glazed windows consists of many processes. This includes glass preparation (applying a protective film, tempering glass, or making a triplex system).

Cutting and washing glass, preparing spacers, and assembling and sealing a double-glazed window. It should be noted that the application of a protective film is possible. During production and on already-installed products.

The first cycle of production is cutting and special glass, be it tempered glass or a triplex system. In parallel with this process. Washing glass is one of the most critical operations.

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