Buying a home is an exciting time. Whether you are searching in the suburbs of Denver, or the heart of Salt Lake City, the home search can be a long, but rewarding experience. While you will find several Denver homes for sale in your search, they may not be exactly as they appear online. When viewing a home, it is important to not only look for the good in the home, but also the bad.

There are few things worse than buying a home that looked good on the surface, only to find that there were major issues behind the scenes. Thankfully, identifying many of these issues can be simple if you know what to look for. Here are some major red flags to keep an eye out for when you are viewing homes.

Foundation Problems

One of the first and most important red flags to watch out for is a problem with the home’s foundation, which bears the weight of the entire home. Repairing a foundation can cost thousands of dollars, so you want to be sure to make sure the foundation is solid in every home you consider. If you see any cracking in the foundation when examining the basement of a home, it may be best to move on to the next home or have the issue examined by a professional.

If the basement is finished and you can’t see if there are any cracks, there are some other ways to judge the quality of the foundation. If the floors are sagging, there are gaps around the window frames, or the doors stick or don’t close correctly, it could signify a cracked or damaged foundation.

Evidence of Insects or Other Pests

2-4 ​Red Flags to Consider When Buying a Home

Another thing to keep an eye out for is evidence of insects or pests in the home. There are several different kinds of pests that can wreak havoc on your home. Some pests can carry disease, while others can damage your home or attempt to get in your food. The evidence you are looking for can differ depending on the type of pest problem.

It could be droppings, nibble marks on walls, furniture or household items, odors, or potential burrowing spots. If you see any of this evidence, be sure to get a full pest inspection done. Be sure a home is clear of pests and in good shape before considering to buy it. In addition to looking on the inside of the home, you should also look outside for any signs of pest activity on the exterior of the home.

Listen to Your Nose

Some red flags are visible, but for others, you will need to rely on your nose. The odor within a home (and around the exterior of a home) is something you should pay attention to. If you smell something funky such as a musty, moldy smell, it could be cause for concern.

In addition to bad smells, sometimes it is the good smells that can be concerning. If a home has overwhelming smells of air fresheners, potpourri or other strong scents, it could be that the owner is trying to hide something. Things such as fresh paint, bleach or other strong cleaning smells could also indicate something worrisome being covered up.

If you are concerned about a certain smell, good or bad, don’t hesitate to ask the buyer directly or have the agent reach out to inquire. It could be something fairly innocent and easy to explain, or something more concerning.

Keep a Watchful Eye

If you don’t look at the details of a new home, you might miss some red flags telling you to avoid the home. These can include foundation problems, evidence of insects or strange smells in and around the home. Despite how much you may love a home, major red flags are almost always a sign to move on.