How often do you meet a person who doesn’t complain about being stressed and busy? Unfortunately, this has become our lifestyle nowadays, and we always do the mistake of bringing that negativity home.

Everything happens so fast that we’re not even doing the effort of stopping to relax, not even for a single second to remember that life can be beautiful.

What is even worse, the same chaos seems to replicate itself in our homes, which start to resemble a disorganized mess, rather than a peaceful and relaxing home décor.

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget9 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Tara Seawright

The first thing you need to do in order to get rid of stress is to implement relaxing interior design. The idea is very simple, and it takes just few basic steps to return harmony around us and inside us.

We have listed the most important things you should consider when trying to make your interiors more relaxing:

Every room counts

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget1 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Kirby Perkins

Even the rooms you never use and that serve no purpose. It may be a place you didn’t decorate, or a family catchall-closing doors and forgetting is something we all do.

What we don’t know is that such places zap our energy, and we unconsciously perceive them as unfinished tasks. This is why we should start redoing our homes exactly by going to those rooms.

Colors are critical

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget3 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Burns and Beyerl Architects

Colors are not just visually important-they have a strong impact on how the place feels, both physically and psychologically.

There are even studies that have proven how colors influence changes in body temperature, mood, or appetite. If you’re feeling out of energy or stressed, there is a big chance that it is your color’s fault. Therefore, put sleeves up and start repainting!

In terms of resting and relaxing, the best choice you could make are pale and pastel tones, something like beige, pale yellow, baby pink, or magnolia.

Fabrics should be natural

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget2 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Fiona Andrews Interiors Limited

Needless to say, you must rely on organic materials; light and soft fabrics in order to feel relaxed. These materials are an entirely different level of comfort, which is why you should apply them on throws, bedding, carpets, rugs, cushions, curtains, or even table cloths. Bring nature wherever you can!

Natural, rustic, and green

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget4 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Lauren Liess Interiors

Bringing nature inside doesn’t only refer to fabrics. It also means that you have to give your modern crib a homey and domestic feeling.

How does a rustic bench, cushy couch, or botanical wallpaper sound? Besides, you can always put a plant here and there to make the place airy and fresh.

The key(s) to a relaxing bedroom

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget5 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Liz Prater Design Home

There is more to a relaxing bedroom than royal beds with rich padding and quality throws. Comfort in the bedroom extends to every piece of furniture, meaning that walls should be clam and neutral, rugs should be warm and soft, and there should be at least one piece of your favorite artwork to make you smile.

This is the only way to turn your bedroom into a place you’ll dream about during the day.

Removing clutter

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget10 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Clutter doesn’t refer to dirt, but to the piles of useless belongings we all have at home. Did you ever consider how negative their influence is? Heaped desks, messy beds, and unorganized closets are only a sign that we really need a change: one at home, one in our lives.

Stress’s place is outside

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget6 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Jody Brettkelly

Don’t over-think stuff and let go of stress before you get home. A long after-work soak and a couple of warm, colorful towels are really likely to make you forget about it.

You can also use essential oils, scented candles, or to spend a couple of minutes staring at the ceiling with your favorite song in the background. Your body and mind will appreciate those precious moments.

Minimal decorations

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget8 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Minimize decorations as much as you can. The more things you’ve displayed to your attention, the less relaxed you will feel. Rich frames and colorful pictures, for instance, should be avoided; unless there is a single focal piece in a room that has a more receptive character.

Light means the world to your home

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget7 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Bernbaum-Magadini Architects

Dark places will make you moody and tired, so make sure there is enough light inside your home. Your best bet is natural light, so keep curtains ruffled, and windows and blinds open. Once the night has arrived, switch on the lights, adjusting their strength to your current mood.

Excessively bright rooms are not a good choice either. The best thing to do is to balance between too light and too dark.

Welcoming the world through the windows

Remember that light has the same power as air, so keep the space vented as much as you can. We’re exposed to too many toxins every day, and the last thing we want is to feel their presence at home.

That’s why we should open the windows (especially during early morning), and breath as much fresh air as we can.

Don’t leave today’s tasks for tomorrow

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget11 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Globus Builder

Procrastinating, we all do that! Sometimes we are tired, other times bored, but we always find a way to sneak out when some domestic work needs to be done.

The truth is that we are doing nothing but making things worse-the work we’ve been postponing has to be done eventually, so we might as well think about cleaning the cup before making a collection of dirty ones in the sink.

Rooms need to have a clear purpose

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget12 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: The Sky is the Limit Design

You should decide about the purpose of every room in your home, and allocate belonging accordingly. It can be a playroom for your kids, your personal office, or even a skylight corner for reading.

Doing this will help you move around without thinking, and you’ll never have to struggle finding some important item. If you ask me that’s the real secret of balance and harmony.

Comfort zone (s)

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget14 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Maison de Reve Builders LLC

Let’s go back to the main task: We want to make our home feel more relaxing. That is our ultimate goal. Sometimes, this will not be possible for the entire place, and we would have to stick to our favorite room (or the room where we spent most of our time), and convert it in our personal comfort zone.

How do we do that? We simply pose a barrier between us and the outer world! A comfort zone can be every place where we perform our favorite activity (reading, watching a movie, listening to music, etc).

Natural scents

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget15 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: interieurs by Francine Gardner

Natural scents are really powerful when it comes to inspiring positive feelings. Those could be essential oils, scented candles, air sprays, or any similar thing that comes to your mind.

They don’t only smell good-they take you to an entirely new dimension because of their calming effect.

Loving the mornings

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget13 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Sutton Suzuki Architects

Choose a place that is most suitable to observe the mornings, and start your day in a relaxing way. Even for those who have no time for breakfast nooks, 5 minutes of looking at the sky with a cup of coffee in hands is enough to feed your soul and to start the day properly.

With all this being said, you should think of your kitchen as one of the most important ‘soul spas’ back home, and you should do your best to make it behave like one.

It is all up to you!

Relaxing-Interior-Design-On-A-Budget16 Relaxing Interior Design On A BudgetImage source: Sasha Meredith Designs

There are probably many things you have in mind right now, and redecorating comes somewhere on the end of that list. We know this, and that’s exactly why we’re drawing your attention towards this topic: it all starts with how you feel!

Take a moment to think about it-is it worth going through that stress if you don’t have time for yourself? The steps we suggested are basic and take no time, but will make you more relaxed in no time. Think about it!