Wondering how to accommodate your pet’s needs when you’re remodeling your home?

It’s simple. Think of their daily routine. Consider which parts of your home may be causing inconvenience. Change whatever you can to facilitate your pet’s comfort.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

An Entryway for Your Pet

Pets are like family. They deserve the freedom to walk in and out of the house at their own will.

If a home doesn’t allow independent access for pets, the poor creature would always be at the mercy of the owners.

When you’re redoing your home, it is important to be thoughtful about your pet’s convenience too. You can design a dedicated entrance for your pet at the main door or the kitchen door.

Find the good old cat flaps too outdated to blend with your modern interiors?

Get creative and make the entryway special with interesting details like a unique shape.

Replace the Flooring

If you’ve already been living with pets in a home with carpet or wooden flooring, I bet you’d agree that this step is necessary.

A carpet flooring catches fur easily and can be very difficult to clean. And don’t forget the hideous stains that stand out even after hours of cleaning.

Wood floors are susceptible to scratching and are also unsuitable for a house with pets that are fond of clawing.

Tiled flooring is the ideal choice because it’s easy to clean and maintain. Be sure to get anti-slip tiles to make the floor space safe for your pets.

Worried about the costs of redoing the floors?

Don’t stress, home insurance can cover your renovation costs.

Update the Furnishings

Commonly upholstery and floor carpets are prone to catching animal fur. The fur stuck on fabric can cause allergies and other health problems in humans.

When you’re remodeling the house, you should get the furnishings redone too. Choose an upholstery material that will be squeaky clean after a quick round of vacuuming.

Synthetic fabrics are more durable and require less maintenance. You can also easily wipe off any stains from pet spit-up or spills.

Light colors and fancy upholstery or furnishings are a strict no for any pet-friendly home.

Construct a Cozy Indoor Nook

Most pets love a special corner where they can snuggle in for a nap, or laze around after hours of trotting around the house.

Instead of letting them sneak under the bed or the dining table, you can include a dedicated space in your home layout.

It can be a spot next to your reading couch or near the french window.

Place their sleeping bed or a teepee tent there, so that your furry friend can feel comfortable.

Get a Pet’s Cabinet

Pet stuff needs to be organized too. You can’t leave their accessories and supplies to get lost in a storage cabinet with other household articles.

Having a small cabinet to store pet food, leash, toys, etc. will keep these things neatly organized and easy to access.

Also remember that all items should be stored in a closed cabinet, otherwise your pet would get busy messing around with the stuff.

A Space for Mealtimes

You can leave your pet’s feeding bowl anywhere in the house, but it’s much better to have a separate place marked for your pet’s supper. A special dining space for your pet also means there won’t be any instances of their food bowl coming in the way of family members’ movement.

Think of someplace where your pet can enjoy mealtimes with you as a family. It can be a nice corner in your dining hall or the kitchen.

Pet-Safety Measures

Don’t forget to include pet safety measures in your renovation plan.

Check if the staircase poses a risk of tripping or falling through the railing. If required, make improvements.

Make sure the furniture doesn’t have sharp edges or corners that might injure your playful pup or kitty.

Organize the storage areas so that medicines, toiletries, or any other items that pose a threat to pet safety remain out of their reach.


If you’re living in a house with pets, you should consider keeping your interiors and furniture minimalist.

Avoid crowding the space with too many showpieces or furniture. Your pets will enjoy playing in the open space and you won’t have to worry about breaking something expensive.

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