Are you planning to renovate your office? If yes, then you have to prepare with the huge mess renovation will leave to your space. After your project, construction waste materials such as excess lumber, steel cuttings, and packaging will surely be evident. A major excavation project will leave piles of soil and debris in your exterior. You can address these problems by knowing what contractor to contact to handle post-renovation trash and cleaning.

In this article, you’ll learn the effective ways to stay on top of office renovation mess.

  1. Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service

It’s important to hire a commercial cleaning service early to ensure someone can accommodate your request when you need to clean your office after renovation. If you’re in Tennessee, one of the major advantages of hiring a Chattanooga commercial cleaning services or any other cleaning company in your local area is convenience.

You neither have to tackle the cleaning tasks nor oblige your employees to do it. Hiring a professional ensures that your office space is clean and organized, welcoming your employees to a new setup.

Here’s how commercial cleaning services can help handle renovation mess:

  • Handle renovation clutter, bringing them to junk bins to avoid causing safety hazards.
  • Vacuum, sweep, and wipe floors, walls, and surfaces to eliminate dirt and debris from renovation.
  • Discard all caustic and hazardous things from the post-renovation site.
  • Bring your office furniture and appliances into their mint condition through specialized cleaning techniques.
  1. Rent A Junk Skip Bin

Rubbish removal companies usually offer bins for rent. Before you choose which size of skip bin is perfect for your office renovation project, you need to first assess the situation carefully. Whether you want a modern or industrial interior design, the role of renting a junk bin makes a huge difference in the renovation workflow, handling the big mess of the project.

Sizing options vary depending on the amount of garbage you need to dispose. If you’re taking on a significant office renovation, order bins ranging from 20 to 40 yards to play it safe. These containers are applicable you’re downsizing your office and need to get rid of decades worth of rubbish.

A 4 mᶟ dumpster can take junk from a minor office renovation clean-up, accommodating 3 to 4 trailer’s worth of garbage. If you’re planning to demolish a section in your commercial property, using a 6 mᶟ skip bin that can hold up to 5 trailer’s worth of junk is a great decision.

Here’s a quick guide on the important considerations before you decide on the skin bin size to use:

  • Length Of The Project: How long will your office renovation last? The longer the projected time is, the larger skip bin you need to use.
  • Tasks: What are the tasks that need to be completed? The more tasks need to accomplish, the larger skin bin is required.
  • Materials: What are the materials involved in the office renovation job? Large concrete blocks, ground excavation, and wood debris need a larger junk bin.
  1. Rent A Storage Unit

Renting a self-storage unit can help you organize your office furniture and other valuables safely. Before a major renovation, make sure to haul your office equipment and other essential items in a storage unit. This way, you avoid exposing your files, equipment, and tools to unauthorized people and harsh elements, like rain, dust, fire, and smoke.

  1. Eliminate Clutter And Organize Office Space

Things can be messy during and after renovation if there are plenty of clutter lying around. So before you even start your project, make sure to eliminate clutter by throwing, selling, or donating them.

AdobeStock_362367134 Renovating Your Office? How To Stay On Top Of The Mess

You can store office chairs and tables into a different room if only one section of your office will undergo renovation. In this way, the renovation work site is organized, preventing any cause of delay or disruption.

  1. Minor To Major Renovation

If you’re planning to segment the renovation job to avoid a complete halt of your business operations, then start renovating the minor ones and then proceed to bigger tasks as you progress. Tackling one section at a time can also do the trick. Follow a straightforward plan and stick to the step-by-step process. Talk to your renovation contractor to ensure a smooth flow of work.


Stay on top of renovation mess by renting a skip bin and hiring commercial cleaning services to clean your office after the project. It’s also a good idea to rent a storage unit to keep all office valuables before your renovation project to keep them safe and secure. Once your office renovation project is over, you can decorate your space to bring new life and inspiration to your employees, investors, and customers.

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