Heatstroke has been one of the leading causes of death heatwaves across the US. Since 1979, there have been 9000 deaths accounted for high temperatures (read more), with California as the third state with the highest death rate from 1998-2019. Heatstroke happens to everyone—young and old—it doesn’t discriminate, but studies have found the extremes of ages are more susceptible than those falling in the middle.

Preventions can be made to counter heatstroke, such as cooling the body temperature with frequent baths or avoiding direct sunlight. However, some cases can cause heatstroke even with these precautions, and a much more permanent and fool-proof solution is needed. Having excellent air conditioning can be one way to keep you and your family safe from heatstroke and other heat-related problems.

Advantages of Hiring HVAC Services for Your Air Condition

  1. It Can Save A Life

As mentioned above, heatwaves can take a toll on a human being’s health, but heatstroke is just one of them. Some unavoidable direct and indirect problems can cause to the body, like heat exhaustion, cramps, and hyperthermia. Other conditions include a lowered immune system, increased incidence of respiratory, cardiovascular, chronic illnesses, extended periods of hospitalization, and dehydration.

All of these are identified by the WHO (World Health Organization) as potential risk factors. And as suggested by them and many other experts and medical professionals, having an AC during the summer, most especially when heatwaves hit, can significantly help prevent the diseases from ever developing in the first place.

  1. Your Air Quality Is Better

Air conditioners are known to be filters of the surrounding air, removing any contaminants that can bring about diseases, like mold and dust. Some of these pollutants, like mold, can cause severe allergic reactions and other respiratory problems. These very same contaminants can also exacerbate existing conditions, like asthma and breathing problems.

That is why it is vital to have an Air conditioner installed in your home if you or one family member suffers from any respiratory disease. A local residential HVAC service should be called to install the appliance and maintain it once a year. It should also be worth noting that aside from the need for clean air, asthma can be triggered by extreme heat, making an AC all the more necessary.

  1. Keep the Bugs Out

Aside from filtering dust and other contaminants, ACs also prevent the entrance of unwanted bugs or insects. These nasty creatures can enter through an open window of the vent, but with air conditioning, you can filter them out and avoid any allergic reactions and bug bites they can give while you’re sleeping.

  1. Improved Productivity

Studies show that productivity in the workplace can increase with cooler temperatures, though too much cooling can make one sleepy. On the other hand, too much heat can stop the brain from functioning optimally, which is the case in some places in the US. The work environment needs are a constant cooling temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold and could depend on whether the weather that day is sweltering hot or ice cold.

pr Residential HVAC Service: How Good Air Conditioning Can Affect Your Life

Now that the pandemic has started, more and more people have taken work in their homes. Air conditioning is still needed there, as there are residential HVAC services ready to install or fix AC, just like a commercial one would.

  1. Easier Sleep

If you’re not sleeping well, the temperature could be playing a significant role in your short-term insomnia. According to an article (link:, the most comfortable sleep leans closer to a cooler environment than a warm one.

A calm atmosphere winds the body down into a relaxed state as compared to a hot sleeping environment. What entails sweating is physical exertion, and your brain can translate this to being active. Thus, sleep eludes you, but it’s also because sweating when you sleep is very uncomfortable to most people. Aside from an AC, it is recommended to take a quick bath before you sleep to cool the body in advance. This will then be processed in the brain. Hence you become drowsy after a long day and a quick shower.

  1. Preserves Furniture

As opposed to a warmer one, a more relaxed environment can help maintain your furniture’s integrity, especially wood. When the atmosphere is warm, the moisture inside the table evaporates, causing it to warp over time. However, note that freezing temperatures can also affect your furniture. This can be clearly seen when a heater malfunction in a vacation house and you’re left in an icy wonderland with ruined pipes, electric lines, and even furniture.

Humidity also plays a part in this scenario. For example, leather can absorb moisture more than any material can, which will lead to its ruination faster than anticipated. Fur rugs, silk, and other materials susceptible to mold growth can be a reservoir in humid environments.

  1. Prevents Electronic Devices from Heating Up

What’s the second scariest thing than the heat getting you? The heat bringing to your smartphones, computers, and other necessary electronic machines. A very high and sudden rise in temperature can also affect your phones, which can ultimately suffer from meltdowns. Computers that don’t have fans or ventilation can have their hardware malfunctioning—or worse—melting.

This can add more fees, cause you additional problems, and pose a health hazard to both you and your family. Remember that melting plastic or any other man-made material is harmful to health. What’s more dangerous is the possibility of phones blowing up while charging and heating up.

  1. Increased Security

An open window can be the gateway to disaster, as many residential robberies happen when there is at least one open window. Having no AC can cause someone to open their windows for ventilation. Not only are you susceptible to bugs, insects, and a lot more unpleasant elements, but your safety can also be compromised.

Having an AC will prompt you to close doors and windows, thus preventing any malicious intent from happening to your home. It also keeps out bugs, which are relatively safer than robberies, albeit causing trouble as well.