A recent study by sleep experts from SFGATE has named the Amerisleep AS3 as the best overall mattress in 2022. The results come after mattresses from a variety of the most popular brands in the country were tested and reviewed. In total, 15 mattress models were collectively named as the best mattresses in their respective categories of 2022, with Amerisleep AS3 crowned the best mattress overall.

The Amerisleep AS3 consists of HIVE® technology affinity foam in hexagon cut-outs, which provides targeted and zoned support. Each of the five zoned areas are specifically designed to provide the best level of support for various body parts. There are distinct support areas for the head, shoulders and upper back, as well as the hips, upper legs and knees, and feet.

This mattress is especially appealing to individuals who like to buy eco-friendly products, as it is made from plant-based materials, including plant-based oils. Amerisleep’s innovative Bio-Pur foam tops the first three inches of the mattress and is designed to quickly adapt and accommodate the sleeper’s body weight and shape. Not only does the mattress foam mold to the curves of the sleeping individual, but it also springs back into shape to give support when they are getting out of bed.

Shoppers can purchase the Amerisleep AS3 mattress in Twin, Twin XL, Full (double), Queen, King, California King, and Split King sizes. The variety of sizes means that couples can choose a mattress that allows them to sleep side by side without disturbing each other.

As with all Amerisleep mattresses, the AS3 comes with a 100 nights sleep trial and a 20-year guarantee to ensure that the mattress owners are completely happy with their purchase.

What are the top 15 mattresses of 2022?

Aside from Amerisleep’s AS3, Amerisleep made the list again with its AS5, which was ranked as the best soft mattress currently on the market. The AS5, with a firmness rating of three out of ten, is made from memory foam that contours to the sleeper’s body shape. This material is ideal for petite sleepers, as well as individuals of all sizes who prefer to sleep on their side.

The AS5 is partially made using plant oils to produce Amerisleep’s exclusive Bio-Pur memory foam. Whilst traditional memory foam has a habit of overheating through the build-up of body heat, the Bio-Pur memory foam is designed to maintain good airflow to keep the sleeper cool throughout the night.

Another brand that makes multiple appearances on the list is Zoma. With two mattresses named the best memory foam mattress for sale and the best mattress on Amazon, Zoma offers two of the best memory foam mattresses on the market.

Professional athletes, hot and combination sleepers will find that the Zoma mattress, which has been voted as the best memory foam mattress, leaves them feeling refreshed and rested.

The heat-regulating gel memory foam mattress helps regulate the body temperature of individuals whilst they are sleeping, as well as easing pressure points. The Support+ foam layer also helps to promote good spine alignment and prevents the mattress from sagging too much, as many traditional memory foam mattresses are prone to do.

Individuals who are operating on a smaller budget may prefer the Zoma Start, which is priced between $375 and $599. It is considered the best mattress on Amazon and caters to most sleeping positions, as well as hot sleepers who are on the lookout for a cooling mattress. The Reactiv™ foam layer supports and adapts to the sleeper’s changing positions throughout the night without giving too much sinkage.

Another budget mattress for shoppers that want a good-quality foam mattress is the Vaya model. With a price range of $349 to $799, shoppers can choose between a Twin, Twin XL, Full (double), Queen, King, and California King-sized mattress. The comfort foam provides a lightweight feel with a decent level of both bounce and coolness whilst contouring around the curves of the sleeper.

Unlike some foam mattresses, the Vaya mattress won’t leave sleepers feeling as if they are sinking too far into the support foam. The responsive bounce of the foam also helps individuals to easily get in and out of bed without experiencing too much sagging on the edges.

At the other end of the scale, shoppers wanting to splash out on their mattress may want to consider the Nolah Evolution 15″, as it has been voted the best luxury mattress of 2022.

The hybrid mattress, as the name suggests, is a 15-inch thick mattress that comes in a variety of firmness ratings, including plush, luxury firm, and firm. The base is made from recycled plant fibers, which provides a sturdy and eco-friendly structure. In addition, the Nolah Evolution 15″ is backed by a lifetime warranty guarantee and a 120 nights sleep trial, which enables sleepers to try out the mattress before they fully commit.

Shoppers considering latex mattresses should check out the Avocado Green, which has been voted as the best latex mattress currently on the market. Made using organic materials such as wool and cotton, the Avocado Green also features upcycled steel coils, which provide minimal motion transfer.

The mattress’ latex rubber foam has been certified with Global Organic Latex Standard, which is only given to mattresses that have a minimum of 95% certified organic raw material. The organic wool in the mattress also acts as a natural fire barrier, which is an added safety measure that many shoppers will appreciate.

Another natural mattress that has wowed the 2022 market is the Organica by Amerisleep. Made using naturally sourced cotton and wool, along with natural Talalay latex, the Organica contours to the sleeper’s body whilst still retaining a reasonable level of bounce. Latex foam is sourced from rubber tree sap, which is a natural alternative to the synthetic chemicals that many other mattresses are made from.

The Purple Mattress has been rated as the best mattress for pressure relief, thanks to the innovative grid design. Providing a balanced feel that will support a variety of sleeping positions, the Purple Mattress helps to support good spine alignment and limits the amount of motion transfer.

Hot sleepers should look no further than the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, which has been named the best cooling mattress of 2022. The CopperFlex® foam gives a cool cushioned feel that keeps sleepers at a good body temperature throughout the night. Heat is dispersed quickly, which stops the sleeper from tossing and turning in a bid to keep cool.

Best mattresses depending on sleeping position

Best-mattresses-depending-on-sleeping-position-1 Revealed: Amerisleep AS3 named best overall mattress for 2022

Everyone has their preferred sleeping position, which is why it’s important to find a mattress that provides the right level of support. Luckily, there are mattresses on the market that can cater to specific sleeping positions that ease pressure and provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

Back sleepers: The Saatva Classic has been deemed a good mattress for back sleepers, thanks to the innerspring support. This mattress consists of two coil layers, along with an open-coil base and pocketed coils which provide structured pressure relief and comfort.

Back sleepers require good support, which is why the Saatva Classic excels due to its combination of high-density memory foam and active wireframe. The edge of the mattress is further supported by high-density foam, which enables easy access into and out of the bed.

This mattress is available in three different firmness ratings of three, five to seven and eight. With a cotton cover featuring an anti-bacterial barrier and hypoallergenic surface, the Saatva Classic can stay fresh for longer with maximum airflow.

Side sleepers: People who prefer to sleep on their side are best suited to the Tuft and Needle Mint, which comes in a firmness rating of four to five out of ten. Some of the mattress’ best features include the antimicrobial protective layer, which prevents the material from degrading. Using micro silver and vesicle technologies, harmful microbes are eliminated and broken down so that they don’t linger on the surface of the mattress.

Individuals who are prone to sleeping on their sides often experience neck and shoulder pain from the awkward way that their head rests on the pillow. Luckily, the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress provides both support and pressure relief due to the thick cushioned layers of extra-firm foam bolster on the bottom layer. This firm memory foam mattress has several cooling features, including graphite infusions and gel beads, which draw heat away from the body to keep it cool.

Whilst the medium-soft feel of the Tuft and Needle Mint may not give enough support to stomach sleepers, the Helix Dawn Luxe has a much firmer rating of eight to nine, which is partly why it has been voted the best mattress for stomach sleepers. This upgraded version of the original Dawn mattress features a pillow top and sectioned support zones. The sleeper’s hips and shoulders are cradled by softer areas whilst the edge of the mattress has firmer support to help individuals in and out of bed.

Yet another eco-friendly option, the Helix Dawn Luxe features Tencel® fibers, which draw moisture away from the body to maintain a cool and dry surface.

Stomach sleepers: Anyone who sleeps on their front and is seeking a firm mattress might consider the Layla Hybrid, which has been rated as the best firm mattress of 2022. Available in both a firmness rating of four and seven, the Layla Hybrid mattress features copper-infused memory foam which has the dual benefit of cooling down the mattress and maintaining peak cleanliness.

The pocketed coils at the core of the mattress mean that the mattress has the ability to be flipped, depending on whether the sleeper prefers to sleep on a soft or firm side. This is an ideal option for individuals who haven’t yet decided whether they want to commit to a firm or soft mattress or want to rotate their mattress to reduce wear and tear.

Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of the support of an innerspring mattress with the comfort of a memory foam mattress to provide optimal pressure relief.

The most popular hybrid mattress currently on the market according to the study is the GhostBed Flex, which has a firmness rating of six to seven out of ten. With a price range of $1222 to $2660, this mattress is a slightly pricier option than some of the other mattresses that have been ranked, although the price does reflect the high quality. Some of the most popular features of the mattress include the underlying gel memory foam and double row of coils for a good level of edge of the mattress support.

The table below shows the top-rated mattresses of 2022, along with the categories that they excel in, the mattress type and their firmness rating.

Mattress Category Type Firmness rating out of 10
Amerisleep AS3Best mattress overallMemory foam5/6
ZomaBest memory foamMemory foam5
VayaBest for moneyFoam5/6
Nolah Evolution 15″Best luxuryHybrid5, 6/7 or 8
OrganicaBest naturalLatex5/6
GhostBed FlexBest hybridHybrid6/7
Saatva ClassicBest for back sleepersInnerspring3, 5 to 7 or 8
Tuft and Needle MintBest for side sleepersFoam4/5
Brooklyn Bedding AuroraBest coolingHybrid3, 5 or 7
Purple HybridBest for pressure reliefHybrid5/6
Amerisleep AS5Best softMemory foam3
Helix Dawn LuxeBest for stomach sleepersHybrid8/9
Avocado GreenBest latexLatex6/7
Layla HybridBest firmHybrid4 or 7
Zoma StartBest on AmazonMemory Foam6/7

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