The Moon Pod bean bag chair, called a zero-gravity float chair, does not defy gravity. Newton’s Laws still apply, but it is a very comfortable chair. The beads used to fill the chair molds to your body, relieving any sense of pressure.

The chair adjusts to multiple positions. You can recline, sit upright, or lie flat. In any position, the chair cradles your body at all points of contact.  As for the anti-gravity aspect, think of it as a soft yet supportive chair. It supports your back in an ergonomically correct position while still feeling soft.

We use the chair in our game room. It serves as a comfortable spot to lounge and read a book and where I take a break from sitting at my desk with a laptop. Sitting upright in the chair creates the perfect angle to use the laptop.  It also works great as a gaming chair used by my kids and extra seating when we have a guest.

The lightweight aspect of the chair is essential as it tends to travel from room to room. The game room is where it usually stays, but we move it to the living room for movie nights or extra seating. The kids take it to their bedrooms when having friends over.

As a family with pets and teenagers, the removable and washable outer shell is a definite bonus. I also appreciate the muted color of the chair.  The soft, muted color would compliment almost any décor. Traditional beanbags come in bright, bold colors that scream “kids room” or “dorm.” The Moon Pod has a more fashionable look.

The fabric is stain-resistant, so most minor spills blot right off. Wrestling the chair in and out of the outer shell is a two-person job. One person could probably get it off and on, but not easily. The soft fabric feels great, but it does attract lint and pet hair. It is not a significant drawback as it is easily cleaned by vacuuming or a quick swipe with a lint brush.

The chair regains and retains its upright shape until used again.  The upright shape helps keep the room from looking tidy. If the chair isn’t the perfect complement to your décor, you can easily store it in a corner or closet until its next use.  If combining comfort with aesthetics is what you are seeking in a multi-use chair, then buying the Moon Pod might be right for you. It does not resemble a bean bag at all. They look more like a piece of modern furniture.

Things to be aware of before you buy:

These things are not pros and cons, as some aspects may appeal to some, but be a drawback to others.

  • When used for a significant amount of time, the chair seems to retain body heat. Heat retention might be excellent for cold winters, but something it can feel a bit uncomfortable in summer.
  • The price is definitely on the high side for a bean bag. On their website, the chairs currently retail for $399.  There is currently a promotion offering $100 off, so look for deals and promotions before purchasing.
  • I have issues with my back. Though the chair feels wonderful and alleviates any stiffness from sitting too long, it does sit on the floor. Being so low makes it somewhat challenging to get up and down from the chair.
  • These chairs appear durable and do not lose their shape after moderate use. However, the company is relatively new, so there is no data to say that they will last for years.
  • The product arrives unassembled. The assembly required is made clear when purchasing, but it is good to know that it does not come out of the box ready to use.