First of all, before reading, ask yourself a question – What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home? We think that we will not sin much against the truth if we say “soft”. Sofas and armchairs are invariably associated with comfort and relaxation.

Reasons to choose upholstered furniture

Of course, upholstered furniture is in every home. It varies in size, functionality and design. But let’s see why she is so loved. The advantages of upholstered furniture are the following:

  1. There is nothing better for relaxation and comfort.
  2. It effectively decorates and complements the interior, and often becomes its dominant.
  3. You can choose for rooms of any size, as many models are transformed.
  4. She is universal. It can be found not only at home, but also in offices, public institutions, cafes.
  5. It perfectly zones the space in the room without partitions.
  6. The range of upholstered furniture is huge, the range of prices – too. You can choose any model according to your taste and financial capabilities.
  7. The choice of materials from which upholstered furniture is made is also huge. Supporters of environmentally friendly products will always be able to find a copy made of natural wood or metal.

The disadvantages of upholstered furniture are mostly associated with poor quality workmanship. This is for example:

  • Marked upholstery, from which it is difficult to remove dirt.
  • Soft elements are deformed, pressed through, and lose their elasticity.
  • Bad split seams.
  • Solid wood furniture is very expensive.

Varieties and types of upholstered furniture

It can be framed and frameless. Frameless, as the name implies, does not have a rigid frame inside. This is a very popular furniture with a soft filler. In the interior, it plays an auxiliary or decorative function.

The main thing is the furniture with a frame familiar to us, that’s about it, about its varieties and selection rules, and we will continue to talk about it.

Sofas are the most common furnishings. Actually, when it comes to upholstered furniture, they come to mind first of all. They, in turn, are divided into several varieties according to style, dimensions and design. They can be small two-three-seater, designed only for sitting, transforming sofas that turn into a sleeping bed, corner and U-shaped sofas. The latter are very impressive in size and are designed, of course, for spacious rooms. We will talk further about how to choose the most correct sofa, and now let’s see what else is included in the concept of upholstered furniture.

Armchairs – inferior in popularity to sofas, but quite a bit. They can also be made of different materials, have different designs and can be laid out in a bed.

Ottoman – a type of sofa without a back, instead of a back – pillows. They can also be equipped with a sliding mechanism, thanks to which an extra bed appears.

Sofa – also a kind of sofa, has a wider seat. Can be straight or angled and can be folded out. Another type of it are bean bags sofas which have no actual form and are quite enjoyed by children.

Where to place upholstered furniture ?

A soft set of sofas and armchairs is best placed in the living room. In fact, that’s what it’s designed for. According to the style of the interior, it will perfectly organize the space and become the center of attraction for all households. The main thing is not to miss the upholstery material and color. We’ll talk more about this.

An armchair, small sofa or sofa can be placed in the bedroom as an extra bed. If the bedroom has a full-fledged wide bed, then bulky massive structures should not be placed in it. The feeling of tightness is not very conducive to a good rest. You can put an armchair or a small sofa on the balcony, the main requirements here are imposed on the dimensions and upholstery material.

An ottoman or sofa is well suited for the hallway.

Mistakes when choosing upholstered furniture

As you can see, soft furniture designs are appropriate in any room. Therefore, arm yourself with a tape measure, take and write down all the necessary measurements and mentally arrange the furniture that you plan to purchase. And we will talk further about how to avoid mistakes when choosing these important components of the interior.

You walk into the store with a tape measure and your measurements. This will help you avoid the first mistake, which may well become fatal – to buy furniture of inappropriate dimensions. It simply won’t fit into the place you’ve prepared for it, or it won’t be possible to carry it through the narrow doors. Therefore, without hesitation, right in the store we measure with a tape measure all the samples for sale that you liked. At the same time, keep in mind that the sofa also has backs, handles, decorative details, which can also prevent it from falling into place.

The second mistake concerns appearance. Like it or not, this is one of the main parameters by which we choose furniture. You buy upholstered furniture when the decoration of the apartment is completed and you have a clear interior concept. It is all the more disappointing if the luxurious sofa that looked so stylish in the store suddenly turns out to be strange in the room.  To prevent this from happening, take a piece of wallpaper with you and figure out how harmonious the combination will be already in the store. You can also take a picture of the apartment before going to the store to understand how the furniture will fit into the style of decoration.

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