The home should be somewhere that people feel happy, safe and comfortable, but it is important to be aware that it can be a place of danger and ROSPA states that it is actually the most common location for an accident. Of course, during the pandemic it will only make it more likely with people spending such a significant amount of time here. So, where are these accidents taking place?

Most Dangerous Rooms

This was something that was recently researched by the National Accident Helpline who carried out a survey of 2,000 residents to ask where in the home they had previously suffered an injury. Not surprisingly, the kitchen was deemed the most dangerous room in the home with as many as 60% of respondents stating that they had injured themselves here at some point. This was followed by the garden (33%), living room (31%), bathroom (26%) and staircases (25%). All other areas were less than 25%, so it seems that the above are the main areas to worry about.

Dangerous Objects

Of course, you must also look at why these accidents are occurring and what objects are causing the most harm. Again, this was looked at in the survey and kitchen knives were found to be the most common object to cause injury with 49% stating that they had injured themselves while preparing food with a knife. Exercise equipment followed with 33% (this could be on the rise due to the pandemic), the hob (24%), ladder (21%) and a wet floor (18%).

Surprising Results

The findings were commented on by NAHL Managing Director Tom Fitzgerald:

“While it’s inevitable that accidents will happen around the house as part of everyday life, it was still surprising to see just how many people are injuring themselves multiple times in their own homes.

“An injury caused by falling off a ladder, slipping on a wet floor or even an accidental strain while exercising can potentially have serious implications and in some cases could impact peoples’ lives for many years to come.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important that the public are being mindful of their surroundings, even in the safety of their own homes, to prevent unnecessary accidents from happening”.

ROSPA states that there are around 6,000 deaths each year as a result of accidents in the home but there can also be severe and life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, this figure is likely to climb with people spending much more time at home during the pandemic and performing potentially dangerous activities like trying new recipes, exercising at home and DIY projects. People need to be aware of the dangers in the home and always take care so that they can avoid suffering an injury in the place that they should feel happiest and safest of all.