These days, businesses are much more likely to start in someone’s basement or garage than they are to begin in board meetings and investor sit-downs. One thing hasn’t changed, however. Eventually, any business will need some kind of dedicated office space to deal with all things related to business.

Finding this space is another whole story. It isn’t just a matter of walking up to your nearest high-rise and asking for quotes. It takes a fair bit of looking to settle on the right kind of space. This article assumes you’ve already defined your office space needs as far as things like space and ability to accommodate your gear are concerned. We’ll be dealing mainly with the actual work that comes with tracking down a suitable space.

On that note, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Look for signs in your area.

Perhaps the simplest and most grassroots of finding a space is simply looking around for who’s advertising. Figure out the districts in your area of work where office space is concentrated and drive around. Look for signs and start writing these names down, along with any contact information. Sometimes, you don’t even need to put too much effort into the job and can just complete it while driving around on other businesses. Once you have a list of suitable properties and their contact information, it’s just a matter of calling these spaces, telling them what kind of space you’ll need and special accommodations, then see if they seem agreeable to rent you some space. Don’t finalize the price on the phone. Leave the haggling for the face-to-face.

Brokerage Websites

Both individual building owners as well as those in the commercial real estate business love to list their properties on a brokerage website since it connects them directly with people who are looking for space. Since there are a lot of properties on any of these websites, much more effort is put into making their properties pop and stand out from the rest. This means you’ll probably get much more information than you need with just a few clicks. It can also let you in an office space that’s unavailable now but will be in the future, similar to this updated development. Not all properties in your area are likely to be listed. In fact, it’s much more likely to find properties maintained by specific companies on specific websites, as opposed to more generalized websites.


Those are the two main ways people track down useful office space. Using a dedicated realtor is recommended by some as they have closer relationships with those selling the space, as well as more understanding of the real implications of buying in a particular area. Still, it’s possible to go about it yourself entirely. It will just mean you’ll have to do your homework before committing to any property. Always take a proper tour of the property before putting any money down as well. It isn’t uncommon for unscrupulous brokers to misrepresent a space to offload it onto an unsuspecting business. But then, if you’re successful enough to be looking for a dedicated space, by this point, you can probably see a lousy deal miles away.