My family room gets so cluttered that I’ve often considered coordinating the design with my kids’ most frequently abandoned toys. But as much as my kids might love a neon, multicolored decor scheme, it might cause some of my adult guests to raise an eyebrow.

The first step to creating a chic family room is to start with organization and then aim for a minimalist vibe to avoid the cluttered effect, which can so easily take over. For some helpful ideas, check out these five secrets to a chic and functional family room.

Woven Toy Baskets

A more stylish alternative to gaudy plastic bins, woven toy baskets keep your little one’s toys within reach without compromising your room design. Easy access also means easy cleanup, so you can have your living space looking tip-top on a moment’s notice.

Soft woven baskets can add a nice texture to your scheme, while keeping clumsy tots safe against sharp edges and hard surfaces. Fold them up and stow them easily when the kids are away.

Give Wallpaper a Second Chance

wall1 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

Instead of exposing your home to paint fumes and wet walls with a bunch of kids running around, add some style to your home using the classic method of wallpaper. Bold wallpaper is an easy way to add a unique design and personality to your living room. Not to mention, they’re are many brands now that sell wallpaper sturdy enough to withstand all of your kids.

wall2 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

Extra tip: Apply two varieties of wallpaper on opposing walls to make the room appear more spacious, but be sure to look for similar colors and patterns.

Furnish According to Activity

furnish1 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

Seems like a no-brainer, but in reality we all use our family rooms in different ways and for different activities. For example, two couches might fit well in the living room, but would the family area work better with more space for playing?

furnish2 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

If you’re more likely to fall asleep reading in the living room than the TV room, chair recliners would be a stylish and practical fit for the former rather than the latter.

Include Playful Art Pieces

playful1 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

The best way to set the right mood in your family room is by including some vibrant art pieces on the walls. Choose simple, minimalist pieces or some Picasso-esque artwork that has a kid-friendly vibe.

playful2 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

That way, you can frame some of your childs’ best pieces and hang them on the wall also without looking out of place.You don’t have to feel limited to just paintings either. Experiment with lively sculptures or pottery. Just make sure if it’s breakable it’s displayed out of reach.

Draw Attention With Drapes

drapes1 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

An inexpensive solution for adding color and style, curtains, drapes, blinds, and other window treatments have a dramatic effect on your room’s overall look.

drapes2 Secrets to Creating a Chic Family Room

Place the rods high to make the room appear larger, and use a vertical striped fabric to emphasize the height of your ceiling. Don’t forget to take advantage of the style potential of decorative curtain tie backs.