Many homeowners are unaware of how their security system works. This knowledge can be precious in the event of an emergency or a false alarm. Whether it’s a burglar, fire or a case of forgetting to turn off the alarm, understanding how your home security systems function helps you deal with any situation.

In this article, you will learn what security systems are, how they work, what causes them to go off and what to do when your alarm is triggered.

What Is A Home Security System?

If you have googled “what are security systems?” at one point, you need this article. Security systems are devices and sensors used to safeguard property. They are installed in different parts of your home. In case of an emergency, they trigger an alarm to alert security and the necessary authority. They are typically placed at entry points such as doors and windows and are connected to a central control panel.

Its importance makes it evident that home security systems are purchases you can not go without. Getting the purchase right could be the difference between having your eyes open all night and a good night’s sleep. We have looked at lots of reviews and guides, and over at, they have some informative security articles that will help you find out everything you need to know about the best security systems for your home.

How Do Security Systems Work?

Many security systems are designed similarly. They have sensors that alert the control panel when there is a security emergency. Once the alarm goes off, a series of events to protect your home ensues.

High-pitched or Silent alarm

The moment one of your security sensors gets breached, either by an intruder, fire or gas leak, the alarm goes off.


  • Self Monitored response: This option means you receive the notification on your mobile or any other smart device and respond to the alert/alarm however you see fit.
  • Professionally monitored response: Once they are notified of a possible emergency, a security expert will reach out to you through the control panel or your home telephone to confirm if it’s an actual emergency.

In an emergency or no response from you, the security company contacts the appropriate response team in your locality to get to your home. If it’s a false alarm, the company turns off the alarm from their end.

What Causes An Alarm System To Go Off?

Installing a security system in your home requires you to place various kinds of sensors in specific areas. It is these sensors that trigger your alarm when breached. Here are some types of sensors and how they activate the alarm system:

Motion Sensors

The infrared motion sensor type detects intruders by comparing the heat signals of moving objects in their field. The sensor gets triggered once body heat is detected. Many motion sensors now have pet immunity to prevent the alarms from being triggered by pets being pets.

Window/Door Sensors

Magnetic in nature, this type of sensor comes in two parts, with one installed above the door or window while the other placed directly on them. The opening of the door or window separates the sensors, which automatically triggers the alarm.

Emergency sensors

These are typically used to secure your property against fire, flood or gas leak. They are positioned in vulnerable places and trigger the alarm when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Having a home security system is a no brainer. And you are covered as there are different units for every kind of house and every budget. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so ensure you get your home security system installed today.

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