We all have been there. Yes, the dilemma where you think whether or not renovating before moving to a house is the right thing. Whether you have brought a brand new home or are moving to a pre-existing property, there are certain changes that you can consider making to the property to give it a more personal look. While a part of it can be achieved through home decoration, renovation factors play a more significant role. Sadly, most of the new home owners are too naïve to understand this.

As per the trusted local movers associated with iMoving, a dedicated moving service platform, the moving process already is too complicated and when the customer is a homeowner, the additional burden of home renovation can prove toxic. However, these experts also explain how engaging with the moving expert can relieve the customer from the pressure of relocation and let them focus on the renovation aspect.

Thus, it is better that we conclude renovating as a good idea, however only when professional movers are in-charge of the relocation process. But, what should you renovate? There are so many things that can be changed in a house to make it better but right now, you do not have much time to attend to all of them. Here are the top 3 renovation projects that you can undertake before moving in to your new home:

Paint those walls:

You want to personalize your new house? Start painting the walls in your favorite color and voila, you will have the best results. Painting the interior and exterior walls is one of the best home renovations you can try before relocating to a new house. However, you must take care of a few things before you undertake this renovation.

  • First make sure that you choose low- or no-VOC paints. As you will be moving into the house immediately after the painting, you don’t want to breathe in highly polluted air.
  • Second, you must start the painting job well in advance of your moving date to ensure you have enough time to paint and then move without stress.
  • Choose colors that are in trend, welcoming and from your favorite hues collections to get that instant ownership feeling.

Remodel the kitchen and bathroom:

If you have invested in a newly constructed house, you might already have the best of the features in your kitchen and bathroom. However, if you have moved to an old building, the chances are that the kitchen and bathroom need some changes. You will have to sit with a house remodeling expert and discuss your option in the latter case.

The statistics state that over 47% of homeowners choose to renovate their kitchen and over 44% choose to renovate the bathrooms. If you are worried that the remodeling will burn a hole in your pocket, you need not fret as there are many simple ways to personalize and revitalize your spaces. From adding a new color to the walls to changing the fixtures, adding new cabinets to replacing the flooring, there are many minor changes that can create huge impacts.

Again, if you choose to have new cabinets, make sure you do get them installed well before the moving date because new cabinet glue may emit poisonous gases.

Install new flooring:

If the walls are painted to perfection and there is no way you can change the kitchen and bathroom for better, why not go for a flooring replacement project. The experts explain how changing the flooring can bring great changes to your property. Besides, many properties have flooring that certainly needs some redefinition and the time before the relocation is the best for it.

If you are a pro, you can handle the project on your own. However, make sure you take the necessary precautions as you prep, sand and apply the new finish. As you choose the finish, keep in mind the final look of the property. Will it look good with your existing furniture and wall color?

If you do not want a lot of hassle, you can always choose to re-install a new carpet. This is a comparatively easier job that can be complete without much efforts and stress. As you get a new carpet, prefer choosing a wool carpet over synthetic.

Renovating before you move into a new house is a better option. This ensures that the new house is a way to convert into your home. As the moving professionals are already handling your moving process, you can pay enough attention to the renovation job. Besides, you can also use one of the many moving apps to make the move easier and relocate without stress and hassle.

Plan your renovation project and make your house ready for a fresh start of life. Best of luck!