You’ve already read the title and know what this is about. So let’s get straight to the point.

Yes, you should consider buying a hot tub for your house, even if you already have a swimming pool. Here’s why.

They’re two completely different things

This one of the most obvious reasons as to why you might want to buy a hot tub; they’re not the same as swimming pools. They differ from one another in terms of size, purpose, benefits, etc. So, just because you have a swimming pool doesn’t mean that getting a hot tub will be a waste of your money or space.

Hot tubs are affordable

If you already have a swimming pool in your house, you can surely afford a hot tub. Even if you go for some of the UK’s best hot tubs, it’ll still cost you a lot less than a swimming pool. You can even opt for inflatable hot tubs as well, like the Lay-Z-Spa. On average, these hot tubs will cost you anything between £10 and £50 per month to run. Given how luxury hot tubs tend to be a bit expensive, and that you already have a swimming pool, you can consider going for an inflatable hot tub.

Easy to maintain

Hot tubs are super easy to maintain, and unlike your swimming pool, you won’t need to hire people to get it cleaned up. Chemicals, filters, and other spare parts for hot tubs are readily available in the market. Besides, you can even hire professional help to get things done for you in a matter of hours. As far as cleaning goes, you can do it all by yourself.

Your very own massage therapist

Another benefit of having a hot tub is that it can act as your personal massage therapist. These tubs are equipped with jets that shoot hot water out of them. The jets vary in terms of size, nozzle shape, and dimension, the quantity of water being released per minute, etc. These features are set so that the water can target specific muscles and areas of your body, making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Promotes good sleep

Hot tubs promote quality sleep. A good 20-30 minutes in the hot water and your body temperature will rise to a good extent. By the time you leave the tub, and head for your bed, your body will start releasing that heat and will cool itself. This helps the body relax and makes you fall asleep quicker. On top of that, making this your routine can bring big improvements to your sleeping patterns.

Reduces anxiety

When you get inside the hot tub, all your worries are bound to go away. The hot water, ambient lighting, the company, and maybe a bit of music – all these elements together can help you relax. And no matter how stressed you are, or how bad your day was, 20 minutes in the tub is all it’ll take to wash them away. After that, you have a good night’s sleep to look forward to, courtesy of those 20 minutes you spent in your hot tub.

Helps you to bond with others

Hot tubs come in various sizes and dimensions. You can find hot tubs for two, three, and four people. The bigger ones, usually round in shape, can accommodate up to 6 people. A hot tub will help you bond with your friends better. Swimming pools are great, especially on a hot summer day. However, you can always get into a hot tub, no matter the time or occasion. Just have your friends come over and jump in.

Your house will look and feel amazing

You have a swimming pool at your house – that’s great! However, what it really needs is a hot tub. The hot water, LED lighting, and the tub’s overall presence at your home will make you feel really good; it can be your guilty pleasure if you want to think of it in that way.

You will, however, need to decide a place to set up the tub and prepare it accordingly. This might pose a bit of a problem, given you already have a swimming pool. However, if you have space to spare around or inside the house, finding a place for your hot tub won’t be a problem.

The list of reasons as to why you should get a hot tub, even after owning a swimming pool, can go on and on. Yet, let’s let it rest here for today. After all, you probably have some decision-making to do, and a few hot tubs to look into.

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