With a simple change of tiles, you can transform entirely the look of your bathroom. Do you believe that is a possibility? There are many shower tile ideas out there and to get the one you like should be your focus. There are some design rules that you need to follow so it is time to have fun and stretch your creative imagination.

Your shower is also a canvas where you should express the unique style you have in mind. We decided to collect some shower tile ideas that might help you make a more familiar space in your bathroom.

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Not all the designs might fit your bathroom so make sure to check them all to find what you need.

Useful Shower Tile Ideas

Image source: Austin Maynard Architects

For sure the shower area in your bathroom has tiles because they are simple to clean and look very well. If you were planning some changes or simply what to add some extra shower tile you need to consider the material that you want to use, where will you place it and what colors they will be.

Here are some useful tips:

Add an accent tile wall inside the shower

Image source: Rossington Architecture

A lot of homeowners have great shower tile ideas but sometimes don’t put them into use. If you want to keep the minimal design you can do the same with your shower area. Go for neutral colors and you should be just fine and if you want a more courageous change mix the pattern up.

Add All the Feels

Image source: Astro Design Centre

Ceramic tile comes in a different variety of colors, shapes and patterns in order to offer a relaxing ambience in your shower. If you want to create a personal spot of elegance, comfort and spacious then you need to pay attention to the combination of tiles that you are going to choose.

For the floor, you can get ceramic shower tile ideas because they offer a variety of finishes and can be rough or smooth. Keep the tactile preferences in mind when you choose the tile for your shower.

Add a Built-In Tiled Bench

Image source: Lauren Shadid

Tiled benches work really great when you want to create a certain impression, especially when they are used in walk-in showers. They look great in large bathrooms because they can bring a luxury feeling. For sure their main purpose is to sit on them but you might even put your feet on the tiled shower bench when you are washing your body.

Change Up The Size Of The Bathroom Shower Tile From The Rest Of The Space

Image source: Etch Design Group

If you are not sure about the shower tile ideas that you have and what materials to go for you can still add subtle visual contrast if you choose a different size of tile inside the shower. Go for a large square granite tile for the floor and smaller ones in the shower to get a nice look.

If you are in the situation of redoing the entire bathroom you should opt-in for smaller rectangular stone tiles in your bathroom floors or large square ceramic tiles for your shower area.

Think Long-Term Value

Image source: Gast Architect

The Ceramic tile has one of the longest lifespans of any flooring option. This is because it is durable and this means it will not tear or dent. Your tile choice can withstand the daily use and look great for years to come.

Add Color To Niches And Benches

Image source: Chrisandras Interiors

Little shower niches can be used when you are showing off different colors and types of tiles. Use complementary colors, for example white tiles can go great with blue ones. Or if you want, you can keep them all in the same color if you want a more serious look.

Mix Colors and Sizes Boldly

If you don’t really like the shower tile designs that you have now why don’t you change it completely and go for a full spectrum of colors and tiles. Shower tiles are available in many sizes and colors so you can always play around with a new type of design.

Shower Tile Designs to Check Out

Dress up your bathroom shower tile using one of these inspiring design concepts. You can discover different shower tile ideas that will look great and complement the existing bathroom design that you have. No matter if you go for a classic or modern look here are 14 tile shower ideas to inspire yourself from.

Whimsical Waves

Image source: Chown Hardware

These ideas bring tiles that look similar to ripples of water that are flowing across your shower even if the faucet is off. They are 4 by 12-inch tiles that go together with gold grout to offer a very luxurious vibe.

Marble-Look Walls and Mosaic Flooring

Image source: Mark Williams Design Associates

Contrasting Built-in Niche Centerpiece

Image source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

If you want to create a beautiful masterpiece in the middle of your shower you can go for a set pattern of tiles that go to the center. An idea could be that you go for the initials of your name and create the representing color for it. You might also choose your lover name or a heard design. As you can see you can get very creative with this so, in the end, it is your choice.

Blue Glimmer Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Image source: Ed Kopel, Architect, P.C.

If you want to add more visual interest to your shower that you can go for a mosaic design on your shower wall. For sure not all people have in their budget different benches, a raid head or other elements but if you choose a mosaic on your wall it is not going to be that expensive so this is even bigger reasons to skip the project.

Woven Comfort

Image source: Pickell Architecture

You can add a special touch to the wide walls of the walk-in shower that you have and get a simple pattern that will look really great.  This 12.2 by 12.2-inch marble tiles will make the room feel more inviting and for sure all the people that are going to go inside of it are going to enjoy it.

Functional Grid

Image source: Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

This dark grey mosaic has a simple design that is fun and good looking in the same time. On the shower floor, you can see the same mosaic that has a matte finish and mixes great with the rest of the elements.

Staggered Rows Mixed with Organized Rows

If you don’t want to go symmetrical not all of the tiles in your shower need to be lined up perfectly in order to create a beautiful tile pattern. However, some shower tile patterns are put down in a disorganized look and this can be done by mixing the tiles with different colors or by choosing different shapes.

You can really play with many shower tile ideas that are similar to this one.

Adding a Tiled Border

Image source: John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

For your bathroom tile ideas, you might also consider bathroom space without breaking the bank. It also helps you make a fashionable statement and you can add a strip of colored glass or mosaic tiles in the topmost part of your subway-tile wainscoting. This means that you will get a lot of color and warmth into the bathroom.

Glam Graphics

Image source: Helios Design Group

If you choose shower ideas that bring a dynamic graphic overlay for sure they will energize you when you do your morning showers. The design of this bathroom is not your common one and it focuses on shower walls that get covered with complementary 13-by-13-inch ceramic tiles having a unique pattern.

White Rectangles

Image source: 3north

If you go with this design idea for sure you are going to change the entire look of your bathroom and you should be proud of it. It all comes down to your individual preference because one way to change the entire bathroom shower tile is by trying something completely new.

Warm Wood-Look Tile

Image source: Knight Construction Design Inc.

You might not want to put wood on your shower walls because you know they suffer a lot from water damage however this bathroom idea brings a ceramic wood-looking tile that you can use with no problems.

Image source: Angie Keyes CKD

This will save you a lot of time and money because you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Faux wood bathroom tiles can be the best option that you go for and they really look exactly like wood but they are a lot easier to clean and maintain.

Checkered Tan with Solid White

Check this type of shower tile ideas if you want to bring a solid pattern to your bathroom. It is going to help you make certain areas of the shower stand out and they offer an endless vibe to the entire atmosphere.

Mighty Marble

Image source: SPG Architects

This is a minimalist shower tile pattern that you can go for when you want to bring a good looking design.

Turquoise Mosaic Tiles

Image source: Paul Raff Studio

Mosaic tiles are some of the best when it comes to shower ideas. They not only look nice but they also come in different colors and sizes that help you get exactly what you need.

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