A mortgage is an integral part of home buying as it enables buyers to own a home with minimal funds for a down payment. But the deal you get at the outset may not be good enough, so you may opt to refinance down the line. Most homeowners do it to lower their monthly payments or reduce their interest rates. Likewise, changes in internal or external circumstances may give you valid reasons to switch to a better alternative. But timing your decision wisely is the key to making the most of it. Here are some surefire signs to consider refinancing your home mortgage.

Sign #1- You have an option with a lower interest rate

Since interest rates fluctuate constantly, you always have a chance to get a lower rate. But you must refinance only if the difference between the rates is good enough. Experts recommend at least a 1-2 percent rate difference, though there is no rule of thumb. It depends on individual circumstances, such as the mortgage amount. For example, you may save a hefty amount even with a one percent difference on a million-dollar loan.

Sign #2- Your credit score has improved

A jump in your credit score is a good indication to consider home mortgage refinancing. Typically, a higher credit score can get a lower interest rate. You may do better with a fresh mortgage if you have been trying to rebuild your credit and have successfully done it. Make the most of your hard work by refinancing your loan, as it can save you a fortune down the line.

Sign #3- Your income has increased

Another sign to opt for refinancing is an income jump, which puts you in a better place to clear your loan faster. Seasoned experts at coole home mortgage suggest refinancing to a shorter loan term at the earliest. Imagine the amount of interest you can save by swapping a 30-year mortgage for a 15-year term. Although the monthly amount may increase, you will end up saving thousands of dollars. Moreover, your home will be all yours sooner than later.

Sign #4- The value of your home is up

An increase in the value of your property is good news for any homeowner. Refinancing may be a wise decision when property prices increase. You can get cash-out refinancing with a new, larger mortgage. Although the loan amount increases, you get the cash difference between the previous and new mortgage. The option works well for homeowners looking to fund major purchases or pay off high-interest debts.

Sign #5- You want to consider an ARM

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) charge variable rates over the life of the loan. You end up paying lower monthly payments and less interest with an ARM. Refinancing makes sense if you want to switch to this option from a fixed-rate mortgage. In fact, you must do it fast if you anticipate a drop in interest rates in the future. Moreover, it makes sense if you plan to relocate within a few years as you need not bother about a rise in interest rate.

Mortgage refinancing can be a savior for homeowners. But timing decides the feasibility of the decision, so you must choose it wisely. Follow these signs to pick an ideal time to switch.

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