You want your home to regulate the climate on its own, whether it’s searing hot summer days or cold winter nights. Insulation is the best way to ensure your home stays temperate. You must consider insulating your home to increase your personal comfort levels and improve your quality of living.

There might be less insulation if you just had the basic requirement installed while building the house or if it has been a while since you installed the insulation. If you have doubts that your home might be under-insulated, here are a few signs to tell you if your suspicions are on point.

The Temperature Varies Significantly Between Rooms

Suppose you notice that the temperature varies significantly when you travel from one room to another. In that case, this is a sign that your home is under-insulated and has lost its thermal efficiency. It will be an exception if you have a window open in one of the rooms. Apart from that, your house temperature should be equal if the insulation works perfectly. Hence, if you notice that one part or room of the house is significantly cooler or warmer than the rest, this should clearly indicate that you need to re-insulate your home. Go over several insulation types to pick the right one for your home.

Increased Energy Bills

Inspecting your energy bills over the past few years will tell you if your home is under-insulated, especially if you have the blow-in type insulation installed in your attic. If you see that your energy bills have gone up over time, it clearly indicates that the thermal protection in your home has become less effective with time, and you need to install new insulation.

The changes in your insulation’s ability to keep the temperature consistent in your home may have happened gradually over time, leading you not to notice it right away. But you can spot a pattern if you review your energy bills for the last few years. You might want to invest in more insulation if this is true in your case.

There Are Cold Drafts

Suppose you walk into a room with all the doors and windows closed, yet you still experience a cool breeze blowing over you. This is likely if there are gaps in the frames of the doors and windows of the room. The good news is that you can easily insulate window and door frames using spray or sheet insulation. You can achieve excellent thermal efficiency for your home by sealing these areas well.

The Walls, Ceilings, And Floors Are Cold

The house’s structure is the first line of protection against external weather conditions. If you notice that the walls, ceilings, and floors feel cold to the touch, it is an easy indication that your home is not properly insulated, as all these parts of the home ideally should feel warm and dry to the touch.

On the other hand, the walls on the exterior of your house should be cold, as a properly functioning insulation system is supposed to keep the warmth within your home. If you see that the floors, walls, and ceilings are cold to the touch, it is time for you to get new insulation.

There Are Water Leaks In The Attic

There probably is a water leak if you notice puddles of water in the attic. Various factors can cause this, but in most cases, poor insulation can cause water to come into the house. So if you notice any water puddles in the attic, it is time to re-do the insulation.

The Pipes Are Frozen

The pipes at home are probably frozen if you live in an area where the temperatures can reach freezing levels, and your home is not properly insulated. As a result, you are bound to face a few issues other than just the usual tap water being very cold. A lot of damage can be caused if frozen pipes burst. So if you notice that the pipes in your home are freezing over, it indicates that the house is under-insulated, and you need to get the insulation re-done.

There are Ice Dams On The Roof

You probably know of ice dams if you live in a place where the temperature reaches freezing points. Ice dams will form if the heat from your home manages to escape through the roof and starts to melt the snow that sits atop. This snow will form into water and slide down the roof, but as it gets to freezing temperatures, it will turn into ice dams that are just oversized icicles. If you notice such ice dams around your eaves and gutters, you know it is time to get a top-up to your insulation.

The Heater is Unable To Warm The Home

Even after turning the heater on in the winter, your home is still not warm. If so, your home is probably under-insulated. Heaters are meant to complement the proper insulation of a house. If you see that the heater is insufficient to keep your home warm, invest in insulation.

There Are Mice And Bugs On Your Property

Seeing mice or bugs on your property can be pretty unsettling. Rodents in your house are enough to make you take notice. The gaps in the window frames and the doors are what mice and other rodents use to enter your house. Mice and rodents in your home clearly indicate that the insulation is not in the best form, and it is time to redo it. This way, not only will you keep the mice and rodents out of the house, but you will also be able to achieve desirable internal temperatures.

Summing Up

If your house has aged, it is natural for the insulation to degrade gradually over time. This will lead to several problems with keeping the internal temperatures comfortable. The signs mentioned above will let you know that it is time you did maintenance work on your house to address the insulation issue. Timely maintenance work on your home will save you money in the long run as you can avert any extensive repairs.

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