The garage is one of the most versatile spaces attached to your home. While garages were traditionally conceptualized as drab spaces only suitable for parking cars, this mentality has shifted considerably over the years. Over half of those who own garages spend around two to three hours every week in the garage working on their hobbies or various DIY projects.

In fact, as many of us know, companies like Google, Amazon, and even Apple were all started in garages. The garage is no longer only a place to park your car, but also a space to advance your interests as well as a convenient storage space. If you are like most Americans, you value your garage and want it to be more functional and look nice too.

Spruce Up the Garage Door

For most homeowners, the garage ranks as the preferred entrance to their home. But even in cases where the garage is not used as the house entrance, the average garage door is still opened three to five times a day. Additionally, the garage entrance is the biggest door in the house, making it the most visible. It makes sense then to start any garage makeover by focusing on the door.

A garage door service Houston expert notes that due to the frequency with which it’s used, the garage door usually falls into disrepair quite easily. Before starting a makeover, you should contact a local repair service to help fix and maintain your door. After this, you want to step away from the traditional white garage door color and pick a bold shade that matches your personality. Also, add some details to make the door stand out, like a few faux windows to mimic a carriage style door.

Change Your Floors

The garage receives more traffic than any other part of your home on average. There are cars, bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, and feet. Not to mention any wayward boxes and packages that couldn’t fit anywhere else that find themselves on a corner of the floor. Given all this, investing in good floors adds to the overall look of the space and gives you more functionality and durability.

If you have the standard gray concrete floor, you can consider replacing it with modular floor tiles or epoxy floor coating. The great thing with both of these options is their versatility. With the tiles, you can get them in any pattern you prefer and create the illusion of space that way. Epoxy garage flooring is both easy to maintain and robust because of its resistance to most chemicals. For both, you get versatility in color, texture, and design.

Invest in a Good Storage System

The biggest enemy of a good looking garage is clutter. Yet, it may seem that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t keep things off the garage floors. It starts with a few tools, then it becomes a broken racket or a quickly discarded basketball, and soon you can barely recognize your own space. The trick to handling this menace is finding a storage system that works for you and your needs.

That is because everybody’s clutter is different. For some, it’s gym equipment, for others, it’s toys, and still, for some, it could be art supplies or even tools. Consider installing sleek steel cabinets along a wall to free up space. Alternatively, with a few simple shelves and portable storage boxes, you can store items that need to be accessed often. If this still isn’t for you, consider using wall hooks to suspend light tools or gadgets that find themselves on the floor.

photo-1528396518501-b53b655eb9b3 Simple Garage Makeover Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Make Your Garage Space Stand Out

There’s no reason your garage shouldn’t stand out as much as the rest of your house. With these simple tricks, you can make your garage space better than ever before. With better organization and styling, you’ll spend even more time in your garage.