The excitement of owning a new home can lose some of its buzz when contemplating the expense of furnishing it and all the other costs that being a homeowner entails. If the mortgage is hitting the budget hard, you will certainly want to shop around to get the best deals on furniture and other items to make that abode feel like it is really yours.

Comparison Shopping

No one likes to spend more than they have to on the necessities. These costs can add up. And after a while, costs such as high utility bills can dig into the money you would rather put toward decorating or updating your new home.

Moneygains, a start-up price comparison website, helps “people save money and find the best deals in the market.” Its first product allows consumers to compare electricity tariffs or plans.

“We’re building an awesome community of money savers,” the website says, highlighting the fact that Moneygains is an independently owned company whose advice is “free, accurate and easy to use.”

Moneygains also offers useful guides on understanding credit reports and scores, tips on saving on energy, and a financial primer on dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

Used Furniture

You can often find top quality sofas, lounge chairs, dining room tables, lamps, and other desired household goods by searching online for secondhand pieces. Online sellers can offer remarkable discounts on unique or vintage items. Of course, you should always check the items before you make the purchase. According to Freshome, you should even open up drawers and cabinets before committing. If you notice any damages, ask the seller to lower the price.

While used furniture is a great avenue for saving money, you can also treat yourself to new decor items without breaking the bank. Decor pieces like statement faux-fur rugs are perfect for adding style and personality to your home. If the threat of the novel coronavirus makes you hesitant to shop in-store to find unique decor items, don’t worry. If you are looking for the perfect rug to put down on your vintage hardwood floors or shiny new laminate flooring, Chesserfeld offers the ideal way to find a luxury faux fur rug at an affordable price. Their rugs are high-quality and cruelty-free. They look and feel like real fur but cost a fraction of the price.

Energy efficiency

Of course, whether it is the middle of a hot July or a cold January, you can always save money by making your new home more energy-efficient. For example, heating bills can add up to be a major expense. A house heated with oil can burn a hole in even in a large budget.

Stefan Lembo Stolba, a date research analyst at Experian, advises some rather simple steps to start. First, replace old bulbs with LED bulbs, and invest in some dimmer switches for around the house. Also, purchase energy-efficient appliances because they will save so much in the long run that the savings may pay for the appliance a few times over. Another simple solution involves buying a programmable and efficient thermostat so that your home is always adequately heated or cooled without costing a ton. There are some easy daily fixes as well, like completely filling your washing machine and dishwasher before using them.

With the typical American family spending more than $1,450 on electricity a year, it is easy to see the cost-benefit of energy-efficient lifestyles. They also have the added benefit of doing your part to protect the environment, as Energysage points out.

A little long-term thinking on energy, comparing prices when shopping, and considering second-hand furniture are proven ways to save. Heed these simple tips, and you are sure to have more money to entertain guests in your new home.