In an ideal world, we’d all have large, immaculately presented bathrooms with fluffy towels and huge baths we could soak in.

In reality, most of us have to make a sacrifice when we buy or rent somewhere to live, and more often than not, we end up compromising on certain rooms, especially the bathroom.

You don’t have to resign yourself to a cramped washroom, however, as there are plenty of ways you can maximize the space, whether you buy or rent.

Here are five simple design hacks that will help you transform your small bathroom into the ultimate relaxation zone.

Organize Your Clutter

bathroom-tower-storage Small Design Hacks That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to accumulate a number of items that need storing: towels, face cloths, robes, hair care products, soaps, moisturizers… the list goes on and on.

If you have kids, you will find that you have even more to store, such as toys, bath supports and tiny toothbrushes. Needless to say, the more of those items you can keep organized, the less cluttered your bathroom will look.

Get Creative With Storage

small-bathroom-storage-ideas Small Design Hacks That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom

Cupboards with baskets and storage containers are ideal, but if you don’t have much built-in storage, you’re going to need to get creative.

Placing shelves above the door, toilet, or even above your bathtub will free up space and give the illusion of a higher ceiling, making the room look bigger. You can also hang wire baskets or use them to store towels or toilet paper for a modern, industrial look.

Swap to a Wall-Mounted Sink

sink Small Design Hacks That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom

Do you have a clunky sink that looks totally out of place in your tiny bathroom? If so, you could give the room a more contemporary feel and free up floor space with a wall-mounted sink. It’s a simple change to make, but it’s one that will completely alter the look and feel of your bathroom and give it an instant lift.

If you’re looking for a modern wall mount sink for your bathroom, head to the Y Living website to discover the many different shapes, sizes and beautiful finishes they have available.

Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point for a small space is always a good idea as it draws the eye away from the room as a whole and focuses on a specific place. An easy way to use this trick is to purchase a patterned rug or shower curtain or painting a feature wall.

Bear in mind that if you try to incorporate too many colors into a small space, the room will look too cluttered, so keep it simple. For best results, paint your walls a neutral color and focus on just one or two colorful focal points.

Hang a Large Mirror

2d342b1070c5e35b3d4732cb35afcff6 Small Design Hacks That Will Transform Your Small Bathroom

It’s an age-old trick, but it works. A large mirror will reflect more space, making your bathroom look bigger and more inviting.

To keep your bathroom looking stylish, opt for a classic white frame or treat your home to a lighted mirror. You could also create a gallery wall with lots of vintage mirrors hanging at different heights, just be careful not to overdo it.