Let’s talk moving in with your partner. It’s thrilling, entertaining, and convenient! Now, you’ll have somebody to split your bills and chores with. There will always be somebody for you there to squash those freighting bugs and open jars for you.

Everything sounds cool and you’re enthusiastic about everything – until you realize you’ll have to decorate your small home together with that special someone. And, maybe the trickiest part until you reach that stage: you’ll have to both move all your furniture, belongings, and trinkets in the new home.

Yes, now everything sounds a little dreadful, doesn’t it? Well, fear not, because we have some smart tips and tricks to help you in the process.


#1. Find out what your aesthetic as a couple is

Don’t stress too much about your relocation right now. You’ll have the relocation company help you with that part later. What you need to do once you decide you want to move in together is find your aesthetic as a couple.

Small-Homes-Moving-In-And Small Homes - Moving In And Decorating With Your Partner Without Going Insane

Of course, you know exactly what your personal style is cut like, but does that beautifully blend with your partner’s? Try to get with your partner on the same page when it comes to what you’d like your new space to look like. Keep in mind that you’ll be living together in a small home.

With that in mind, try to create a cohesive idea together. Start by spending some time putting together an idea board. Gather elements of both your and their decorating styles, mix and match them for the best results. Use Pinterest, the almighty idea board platform in history. Work from there.

#2. Purge and pack what’s left

Now that you both know how will your future home look like, it’s time for you to start purging your belongings. That includes both trinkets, decorations, and furniture, sometimes even clothing. You might have had the aesthetics conversation, but you’ll come to the unpleasant conclusion that the new space won’t fit in everything you own.

So, based on the aesthetic conversation, purge, and donate everything that won’t align with the new aesthetic you came up with. Pack everything you think that will be a good fit with your new space, and jump on to the next phase of your process.

#3. Call the relocation team!

Here you are, you know exactly what you want to bring into your small home, and you have everything packed and ready to go. Well, you will be very tempted to handle the process on your own. But by doing so, you’ll find out it involves a lot of stress and logistics. Let others stress about your relocation.

The truth about professional relocation teams is that they have a streamlined process and they can help with the most complicated aspects of moving in together. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about calling an army of friends to help you with those boxes and with all your furniture. And you won’t have to worry about finding a friend with a car big enough to actually be useful in the process. In most of the cases, relocation companies will also help you with the entire packing process, which we all know how dreadful can be.

#4. Start decorating!

Small-Homes-Moving-In-And2 Small Homes - Moving In And Decorating With Your Partner Without Going Insane

Now, since everything is set up in relocation team’s tucks and ready to go, you can start to actually redecorate your new home. Some small details can make a tremendous difference. Make sure to follow the tips below to maximize the visual impact of your new home décor.

  • Choose a rug to bring the room together. If you haven’t decided yet the colour scheme for your rooms, a good rug is a great starting point. Not only a rug can give the tone in terms of colours, but it can also offer more texture to dull spaces. Think about the process of picking up a rug in the following terms. In colourful rooms, a rug in a neutral tone will work best. On the contrary, if your space lacks colour and is simplistically decorated, go for colourful rugs. And please remember, when choosing rug dimensions, make sure the sofa doesn’t overlap on it.
  • Pick art to transform your space. No matter in what style you choose to decorate your space, make sure to include some art. As finishing touches, good art can truly transform and complete a room. Avoid the biggest mistake people tend to do in this phase. They choose too many small art objects. Since they have to deal with limited space, they think this is the best approach. This creates the opposite effect, though. Small art will make your room appear crowded and it can easily become visually tiring. Go for statement elements. Make sure the artwork you choose complements the general design of your home. Once again, if your home is decorated simplistically, choose artwork that brings a pop of colour.
  • Invest in large mirrors. Mirrors are incredible in small homes. Used correctly, they can offer more dimension to your rooms and create the illusion of a larger space. for instance, small kitchens will benefit enormously if you install mirrors on one of the walls. The same principle is valid for living areas, too.
  • Use textiles wisely. When you want to offer your rooms more texture and personality, pay attention to how you use textiles. Your curtains, throw blankets and pillows can make a tremendous difference when it comes to making a house feel like home. Textiles work amazingly when it comes to offering your home a more comfortable, cozy appeal. They are also great to add more colour to your room.

Moving in with your significant other and decorating your first home together shouldn’t be a stressing process. So, make sure you’re wise when it comes to the actual moving process. As for the style you’ll choose together, make sure each of you can preserve some of their personal belongings, style, and follow their preferences. If you plan the process good enough, it will be a breeze!