Are you looking for affordable natural stone options for bathroom or kitchen countertops? Consider installing a soapstone countertop to add a distinctive character to your space.

Soapstone is considered the most popular countertop material. They are an ideal choice for achieving a rustic look. The stone’s milky and soft nature gives it a better appearance than slate or granite counters.

However, not all sellers offer high-quality soapstone. You can find more information about the pros and cons of soapstone countertops by visiting Caesarstone.

This article will cover all essential information about soapstone countertop price ranges. So before you make the purchase, make sure to have proper knowledge of every aspect.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Soapstone Countertops

Cutting The Edges

Best-in-class soapstone countertops have eased and standardized edges. The cost depends on the intricacy of the edge designs which include a full bullnose, cove, ogee, chiseled, and so on. The more intricate the design, the higher the price will be.


Soapstone generally comes in a grey color. But you may also find slabs featuring hues of blue and green. Unfortunately, soapstones of these colors are rare; hence their price tag is comparatively higher.

Drainboard Design

This is the next important factor that affects the cost of the product. The flat style of the drainboard is comparatively low, whereas a custom design with recessed or raised grooves will raise the product’s price.

Cost Of Sourcing And Labor

Soapstone’s cost is dependent mainly on labor cost and expenses incurred when sourcing it. For this reason, the price of soapstone countertops is lower at locations with low costing labor and transportation.

Slab Thickness And Size

The wider a soapstone countertop slab, the more it will cost you. Prices increase by almost 30% in comparison to a standard-sized countertop. Plus, the thickness of slabs also affects its cost. Slabs that are thicker than 6 cm are pricier as their cost of production is also higher.

Moreover, the slabs with more thickness and width need additional support, raising their prices further.

Cost Of Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is counted among the rare stones, and hence, it is expensive. However, its artificial counterparts are relatively cheaper. The price of soapstone countertops per square foot ranges from $65 to $130 on average (installation cost excluded). So, a 50-square foot soapstone slab will cost around $2,000 to $3,500.

The cost of installation varies according to the services provided. The charges could range from $500 to $700 depending on the space, size, and complexities involved in the installation process.

Note that besides installation, there are additional costs, such as backsplashes, delivery, and cut-outs. And not to forget there is also the cost of carving grooves. As mentioned earlier, the more intricate the soapstone design, the higher the soapstone countertop price.

Tips To Save On Soapstone Countertops Purchase

Both installation and purchasing soapstone countertops are expensive affairs. Here are a few tips to save while choosing a soapstone countertop:

  • Look for local suppliers to save the cost of transportation.
  • Most importantly, get quotes from different soapstone countertop suppliers to find the best deal. Different suppliers have different pricing strategies for the same stone.
  • A little research could help you save money and ease the process of finding the most affordable deal.
  • Discounts could help you save some money on the purchase.

Cost of Soapstone Counters Installation

You may consider hiring a professional for soapstone installation or consider doing the job on your own. However, it’s best to go for the former option if you aren’t a seasoned DIYer. Cutting and installation of soapstone require a lot of tools.

Moreover, this natural stone is composed of  80% talc, making it incredibly soft. A professional is not only equipped with all the necessary tools, but they can also do a better job because of their experience, skills, and knowledge.

It’s a fragile stone, so if you have zero experience installing or cutting soapstone slabs, it’s better to outsource the job to a professional. If you don’t have professional tools at home, you can expect the expense of $100-$300 for arranging the tool kit for the job.

Paying a professional for countertop installation will be worth it in every aspect. The best thing is that there will be zero chance that the stone will break, resulting in a considerable loss. In addition, you’ll not be risking any accidents or injuries if you avoid installing them on your own.

Soapstone Countertops: Maintenance Cost

Soapstone countertops don’t require any sealing like other natural stones. Moreover, the surface can be easily cleaned using an eco-friendly household cleaner. If you had the soapstone countertop installed in your kitchen, you might need soap or detergent to remove grease or oil from the surface. Avoid using harsh cleaners to maintain their quality, shine, and strength in the long term. Also, you can get rid of minor scratches using sandpaper.

Resale Value of Soapstone

The resale value of Soapstone countertops is comparatively higher than marble, granite, and other natural stones. It is easy to maintain, durable, and attractive. Hence, most homeowners prefer installing them in their homes. And easy resale makes it an even more preferable option for the individuals who desire nothing less than the best for their homes.


There are several reasons for investing in soapstone countertops. They make beautiful surfaces, offer various functional advantages and add an aesthetic appeal to the space. Soapstone is a highly durable, non-porous material. Moreover, there are no chances of staining as this material doesn’t require sealing or re-sealing, unlike a marble countertop.

If dark countertops aren’t your pick, then soapstone will prove out to be an ideal choice for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. But before purchasing any countertop, it’s essential to conduct proper research so that you end up buying authentic material. It also pays off to get professional advice before making the purchasing decision. A professional can help you choose the best quality material for your countertop.

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