While some consider it a form of art, graffiti is usually viewed as a nuisance for others that makes a place look unclean. It is especially problematic in areas with several businesses since it makes the place look less professional and can put some customers off from entering. While many people resort to the easy fix of painting over graffiti, it’s not ideal since it will appear again after some time. Check out these quick and easy solutions for removing graffiti instead.

1.  Chemical Remover

There are many chemical products used to remove graffiti in the market, just make sure you choose one with a strong solvent to have the paint dissolve much faster. At the same time, using stronger solvents means you have to be extra safe while using it. There are also specific chemical removers for each material you are aiming to clean so you should be aware of the material used because choosing the wrong one would not give you the result you need. If it’s a small space of graffiti, you can use the chemical product with a cloth or scrubber, but bigger spaces might require professional equipment.

2.  Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is simply the use of water in high-pressure to clean most surfaces. There are many factors that make pressure washing successful including the intensity of the water, the spray nozzle design, water temperature, and the chemical product used. While pressure washing is usually used to remove dirt and stains from buildings, the specialists at Ablate say it’s also effective to remove graffiti. It consists of applying a strong solvent or blasting media like baking soda to the graffiti area then washing it with pressurized water and sometimes, the solvent is mixed with the water.

3.  Sand Blasting

This should be a last resort when it comes to finding a solution for removing graffiti from your wall. Sandblasting can only be done by a professional and is quite expensive. It consists of using sand with precision to remove the outer layer of a wall, removing the graffiti but leaving the paint intact. It should be done by a professional because doing it by yourself can easily remove the paint along with the graffiti or damage it and have to re-paint it.

Best Solutions For Removing Graffiti Based On Surface Type

1.   Brick

Graffiti on a brick wall is the most problematic issue you can have because it’s the hardest to remove. Since brick walls have an uneven surface, the graffiti paint is absorbed into the small gaps and is impossible to take off using traditional ways. That’s why it’s recommended you opt for hiring a professional service that would use a biodegradable emulsifier. It would save you the hassle and cost of having to paint the wall or bearing up with the graffiti.

2.   Concrete

Are you dealing with graffiti on a concrete wall? Don’t worry, it’s not impossible to remove as there’s a traditional way where you can scrape at the paint then wash the area with washing soda or detergent followed by a scrub using a soft-bristled brush and a warm-water rinse. You can also try pressure washing with this kind of surface but you could risk chipping the concrete. There are also many chemical products that can work with concrete such as Sure Klean Heavy Duty Paint Stripper.

3.   Glass

Is it a glass wall in your home or at your company that is covered with graffiti? Well, that’s actually the easiest surface to clean. Pressure washing is a big no when it comes to glass walls because it would just break. Instead, a mineral or white spirit can be utilized along with a flat-edged scraper. This would, of course, spread the paint everywhere, and this is where you should use a chemical degreasing solvent to get rid of any grease left on the surface.

Preventing Graffiti Vandalism

If graffiti vandalism is a recurring event in your area, there are measures you take to prevent it. First, after removing it from your wall, add an anti-graffiti coating that ensures an easier cleaning process the next time. You can also choose darker colors for walls and fences that will make them less targeted. Make sure you also plant thorny plants and vegetation around your home to restrict easy access to your walls.

gr2 Here Are Some Quick and Easy Solutions for Removing Graffiti from Your Wall

These are some of the most efficient ways you can remove graffiti from your wall. The type of surface plays an important role in the kind of solution that will work best. That’s why you need to first identify the surface type and research the best way to remove the graffiti from it without causing any damage to the material or paint. Whichever solution you end up applying, make sure you take all safety precautions to avoid any hazards to your health or others.

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