You can go ahead and admit it. There are some places around your home or flat that you don’t usually think about cleaning very often… until the time comes to move out and you know that in order to get your deposit money back (if you’re a tenant) or to get the place looking great for a new tenant (if you’re a landlord).

Most of us do a pretty good job of keeping the main things around our homes tidy (and if you don’t fall into this category, you might want to jump over to our home cleaning services page and see what we can do for you). However, most of us aren’t fanatics and we have other things to do with our time. OK, maybe some of the odd places might get cleaned during a major spring cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning session, but most of the time, you just stick with the basics.

The real hassle comes when you’re moving in or moving out and time is ticking away. After all, if you’ve got to start a new job on the other side of the city or the other side of the country on Monday, you don’t really want to spend all of Saturday and Sunday with cleaning products. This is when a bit of professional help from a proper end of tenancy cleaning company can really come in handy.

Here’s a selection of some of those places that we don’t usually think about cleaning (much!) until to time comes to move out

Things And Places People Don’t Clean Until They Move House


  • Skirting boards and floors behind the big items. Unless you’re a crazy fanatical cleaner, you probably don’t heave out the washing machine, the fridge, the oven, all the other whiteware, the freestanding wardrobe or the couch to give what’s behind it a good going-over. After all, it can take two people to move some of these things. It’s moments like this that you realise just how thick dust can get if it’s untouched, and you might get a shock about the true colour of the carpets or floors. You might also, if you’re lucky, discover some long-lost items – but not, however, those missing socks that disappeared in the wash somehow. A few might turn up behind the dryer or the washing machine but not always!
  • Refrigerator coils. While you’ve got the big heavy items pulled out, don’t forget that their backs might need a good clean, especially the working bits of the refrigerator (it will work better if you do this).
  • Walls have a tendency to blend into the background simply because they are the background. Except during illness, we don’t usually sit there staring at the walls. However, during a move, you might suddenly notice all the dirt and splodges everywhere, especially when you take pictures down and expose a new patch.
  • Door knobs. You touch them all the time. But when was the last time that you cleaned a doorknob? We probably all ought to clean our doorknobs more often than we do because they are a bit of a germ hotbed, what with everybody touching them. Some experts believe that they might even have more bacteria than the toilet seat!
  • Fans and vents. These pick up a lot more dirt and dust than you think they might. Cleaning them can be quite tricky but it can be done!
  • Inside the dishwasher. Those who don’t have dishwashers and do the dishes the old-fashioned way by hand can feel smug. However, if you like the convenience of the dishwasher, you might be surprised to know that you need to clean inside it every now and again (OK, once in a blue moon or when you’re moving house). Despite having cleaning products and water swooshing through it regularly, your dishwasher can collect gunge and grime inside it that needs to be wiped out.
  • Light fixtures. Understandably, a lot of people get a bit jumpy about cleaning around light fittings because of the risk of getting electric shocks. However, there’s a good chance that you’ll be turning the power off during a move, so this provides a good opportunity to clean the light shades, bulbs and other fittings. Sometimes, they can contain a surprising amount of dirt. And no, cleaning a light fitting doesn’t necessarily require electrically powered equipment! Don’t forget the switches while you’re at it.
  • Bottoms of wardrobes and bedroom closets. Usually, we just reach in and grab the clothes we need to and don’t think about cleaning inside the wardrobe. However, the inside of your wardrobe or closet can get quite dusty and grimy, even without “help” from spiders. This is especially the case if you keep shoes inside your wardrobe, as whatever’s on the soles of your shoes will end up on the bottom of your wardrobe. You’re taking all the clothes out of there while packing, so here’s your chance!
  • Kitchen utensil drawers and cupboards. Again, we’re usually so busy using our knives, plates and cups – and washing them! – that we forget that gunk can build up in the places where we keep them. Some kitchen cupboards get dirtier than others, too. It can be quite astonishing how much grime you can find inside the cupboard where you keep coffee and other drinks, for example. Again, the best time to clean all these places is when you’ve pulled everything out and put it in a box for the moving team to take away.

Anyclean’s End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services


Whether you’re the landlord or the tenant, whether you’re moving in or moving out, or whether the property in question is a house or a flat, or furnished or unfurnished, the whole job of getting it presentable ready for a new occupant is heaps easier when you call on Anyclean’s London end of tenancy cleaning services.

They have some great teams of highly trained cleaners who specialise in moving in and moving out cleans, and they use checklists to ensure that the job is done properly to recognised standards. They have full insurance cover on everything the company does and you’re also covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It doesn’t matter how dirty the place is – Anyclean will get it looking and smelling fantastic again.

They know that sometimes, it can take longer than expected to get a property all nicely cleaned up. Anyclean also knows that customers don’t like getting nasty surprises on the bill. This is why the company uses a flat per-property rate so that no matter how long it takes to clean that rental or newly vacated home up, you know exactly how much you’ll be paying. However, because they have teams on the job, you can rest assured that the job will be done as soon as it possibly can – while ensuring the very highest standards.

Sometimes, the best time to clean the carpets in a house or flat is when there’s no furniture in it. Although Anyclean doesn’t offer carpet cleaning as part of our end of tenancy cleaning package, they do have a special deal on for those who want both services. Book carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning at the same time, and you’ll get a discount on the carpet cleaning.

The firm are proud to provide their moving in and moving out cleans everywhere in the Greater London Metropolitan Area, whether the place you need cleaned is a smart new place or whether it qualifies as a heritage building. From Enfield to Twickenham to Croydon to Romford as well as in the inner-city suburbs like Islington and Soho, Anyclean will go anywhere within the M25 ring.

Please get in touch with Anyclean if there’s anything else that you’d like to know about their London end of tenancy cleaning services or if you’d like to make a booking.