Spring cleaning means freshening up your home and mind. Many people may think it means wasting your time on tedious chores. Our ultimate checklist is ready to prove you wrong. By organizing and planning how to divide your time between different activities, you are here to learn the subtle art of time management.

Even when time is tight, you will succeed in turning your house into the one on the cover of a home interior magazine just by following our practical advice.

So, let’s get down to business and enjoy spring cleaning without extra stress.

Write a To-do list

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Annual spring cleaning comes with two questions: “What should I do?” and “Where to start from?”.

You are less likely to waste time on unnecessary tasks when you know exactly what you need to do. A to-do list can help you identify what is essential and largely unnecessary. Here is our universal list:

  1. Look around your house and define how many rooms you need to clean.
  2. Think about tasks to complete and divide them among rooms.
  3. Range each task by its importance and time cost.
  4. Divide a sheet into three columns: Room, Task, and Time
  5. In front of each room, write down a chore that needs to be completed and its time. For example, Living room – Wash the window screens – for 15 min.
  6. Share the chores among your family members – you are not the only one responsible for the house.

Check off items as you complete them. It can help you retain focus and drive.


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Clean hard water stains on a toilet bowl

Drop about five-six denture-cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl. They start fizzing on the contact. Leave it overnight, and in the morning, scrub the bowl with a brush. If it doesn’t become perfectly white, you may repeat the process one more time.

Put shower heads in a bag of vinegar

This is a cleaning hack for those who want to wash showerheads and faucets hands-free. Fill in the zip bag with white vinegar and tie it around a showerhead. Leave it overnight, so the bag breaks naturally, and all the grimy buildup goes away.

Use shaving cream from mirror fogging

Your furniture needs a slipcover (about that later), so your mirror requires protection. To prevent it from fogging up after the shower, apply a thin layer of shaving cream and wipe it off. Also, you can use it on shower doors to keep them fog-free.


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Establish a kitchen routine

Set up non-negotiable tasks to finish in the kitchen every night to save time during spring cleaning. Such a routine will help you keep the kitchen clean and save about an hour.

Use oil to polish your stainless steel

Think about using coconut or olive oil in a completely different way. Did you know that oil can replace all-purpose cleaner? Just put three drops of oil on the paper towel or soft cloth and polish the surface of your appliances. Few movements and stainless steel will shine!

Living room

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Save time on furniture cleaning

Taking care of furniture is always difficult and time-consuming. You want to get rid of dust, crumbs, and dirt accumulated over the year with a vacuum in 10 minutes. Then, you look at the fabric and see how faded it is. The amount of work appears too overwhelming, so you decide to leave it as it is. But we know the solution which can save your time and keep your furniture clean – cover your furniture with the help of Mamma Mia Covers.

One single slipcover solves all existing furniture problems. It protects the furniture from dust, pets, and clawing. In addition, it is easy to wash, so during your spring cleaning duty, you lose only 3 minutes. It is how long it will take to put your slipcover into the washing machine,

Clean TV screens with distilled water

Instead of hard chemicals that can ruin the screen and picture, use distilled water. Spray it on the microfiber cloth and gently clean the screen.


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Organize the mess in the closet

To have more space and free your lifestyle from clutter, sort everything into three categories: store, give away, and trash. Thus, you’ll get rid of unnecessary things and bring back memories. Home cleaning can be nostalgic!

Moreover, organizing and cleaning your bedroom may help you get quality sleep.

Freshen the mattress with vodka

You are too busy to rub a mattress with baking soda, aren’t you? Instead, spritz some vodka over and let it air dry. It neutralizes the odors, and you don’t have to vacuum it up.

Pick a section of the closet for chair-clothes

Do you have a chair covered with clothes? Pick a section in your closet for such clothes so they don’t make your room look messy.

As you’ve seen, spring cleaning can make you even more productive, whether it be tidying the house, taking care of the furniture, or meeting the deadlines on work. You can do it all and even more.

But here, we have one issue one may find unsolvable. How to deal with unsettled dust if you suffer from allergies? We found an answer.

Sensitive to allergies? Protect yourself!

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Firstly, be aware of the cleaners` labels and their meanings. Next, make sure you have protective clothing to prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions. While home cleaning, wear rubber gloves and hairnets if you use heavy-duty cleaners.

Secondly, check the fabric your furniture is made of. Buying new furniture, make it a critical point and observe whether you have allergy symptoms while lying on the couch or armchair. In case of any, you can quickly eliminate the problem with hypoallergenic slipcovers.

We shared our favorite spring cleaning hacks for you to save time and make your house shine! Full-time job, three kids, and a dog will not stop you from staying productive and following your To-do list. Work smart and enjoy a clean home!


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