Interior design is an ever-changing and evolving thing – and as a homeowner, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not.

The great thing about interior design is that it’s always up for interpretation. What one person may love, another may hate. Ultimately, following trends comes down to your own personal style preferences.

If you’re one to follow interior design trends and love to mix up your home aesthetic, don’t miss out on these 2019 trends before the year is out…

9 Interior Design Trends for In-Home Inspiration 

2019 has seen interior design move away from Scandinavian-inspired minimalism and cool grey tones that took the world by storm in 2017-2018.

Today, home interiors are a little warmer, inspired by nature and centered on user-experience, also known as experiential interior design.

Here are some of the most influential interior design trends of 2019 which have changed the way we enjoy our homes:

  1. Biophilia: Inspired by Nature 

It would probably be unusual to walk into a home today and not experience an ode to nature. Bringing nature into the home has been one of the biggest interior design trends of this year.

Biophilia and design is centered on emphasizing the relationship between man and nature and the connections between the two. This means that natural, organic elements are appearing in homes. This includes natural wood finishings, stone surfaces, and plenty of plant life.

Essentially, homeowners today are keen on creating a space inspired by nature in order to create a calm, soothing, and on-trend home environment.

  1. Functional and Contemporary Fireplaces

Many old-world homes tend to feature at least one fireplace – either in the living room area or possibly in the master bedroom. A current trend has been to maximize this feature and create a fireplace that’s both functional and modern.

The aim of this trend is to create a fireplace that is contemporary and timeless- something that won’t go out-of-fashion. This means stripping back or refurbishing ornamental mantelpieces and elevating the fireplace to a more modern look and feel.

And with technology and innovations available today, fireplaces can be designed to blend in and offer low-maintenance functionality.

  1. The Rise of Feminine Tones 

Long gone are the days of gender-specific rooms throughout the home.

In 2019, feminine colors such as blush pink, dusty pink, and bronze are all the rage- and not just reserved for the master or guest bedrooms.

These feminine tones are beautifully complemented with other popular colors such as taupe and beige neutrals. And they’re also a great way to spruce up a tired-looking, dull room.

  1. Painted Tiles 

While this trend has been most popular on floor tiles, painted tiles apply to any tiled area of the home. It’s super easy to implement, low cost and can give your tiles a completely new lease on life. It’s also a great way to transform other outdated materials such as linoleum and vinyl.

Need to give your kitchen floor, shower or even your backsplash makeover? Choose the right type of paint for your chosen room and its environment and voila!

  1. Maximalist Inspiration 

Minimalistic home interiors, inspired by Scandinavian design and neutral colors is officially on its way out. And this trend is being replaced by the complete opposite- known as maximalism.

Decorating the home with bright jewel tones, graphic patterns and plenty of clashing texture has become a major trend in 2019.

When it comes to this trend, more is more, but there’s a fine line between quirky, bright and interesting and tacky. So remember to keep this in mind when decorating.

  1. So Long, Sofa 

The evolution of interior design has inspired a move away from the traditional seating design of the standard living room couch.

This formal, rigid living room design is outdated and has been replaced with mixing up items of furniture – even foregoing the sofa completely.

Instead of the classic living room sofa, the trend is to add bench-like seating, a mixture of single sofa chairs, chaise or settee. This eclectic mix of seating adds an air of sophistication and intricacy to your living room.

But if you’re more interested in comfort, this trend can be adapted to include a set of comfortable chairs, grouped together to create a more intimate space.

  1. Back in Black 

Many homeowners may shy away from the color black for fear of it painting a dark, eerie and ominous atmosphere in the home. But black is back and it’s being featured in furniture, bold prints, accent walls, and fixtures.

One of the most prominent home trends in 2019 is to feature an accent wall in black. It may seem intimidating at first, but black is a great way to translate power and sophistication in a modern home.

And don’t worry about black making your room appear smaller. If a black wall is complemented with light, contrasting colors it actually enhances the size of the space.

  1. Bold, Colorful Backsplashes 

While simple, monochromatic kitchens have been all the rage for a good few years now, this trend is on its way out.

Homeowners of 2019 are gravitating towards color, patterns, and character in their kitchens. This is being translated through backsplashes behind stovetops and kitchen sinks for a pop of color and punch.

  1. Statement Seating 

Not sure how to fill an empty, awkward corner in a room? Enter the statement chair.

Statement seating is a major interior design trend for 2019 and is a fantastic way to bring in a conversational piece into any room in your home. Chairs are also large enough to make a simple statement, rather being too overbearing such as a table or large sofa.

The added bonus? Statement chairs can be easily interchanged from room-to-room when you’re looking to mix up your styling throughout the year.

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We hope you learned something interesting and found inspiration from these 2019 interior design trends.

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